Monday, November 28, 2011

Survival of the Fittest

(oh, to be in this photo right now!)

Okay, here we are, getting close to the shortest day of the year.  Thank goodness it's only about 3 weeks away. 

I should be used to this dark, gray, drizzly, foggy, shadowy, windy, rainy, unending gloominess, after all...I am a native Oregonian; born and raised. 

However, over the years, anxiety and neuroses of varying types and degrees begin to rot your mind, and then...


comes to call.

I do have friends who stay inside all winter, nearly comatose from this illness.  I am not quite that bad, but it's nearly overwhelming sometimes.

your spirit feels crushed and there's lack of creativity, fun, excitement and energy.

Oh--that's normal?  haha!  maybe for you!

At any rate, today is sun-shiney (finally at 4pm), just before the sun goes down, it's clear, feels warm outside, and the kitties (all four of them) are scampering across the big sand-pile, their bodies silhouetted against the pale blue and peach sky.


(they don't know it yet, but thursday, they'll be 'getting fixed'!!)

'Thankful' for me right now is realizing that the shortest day of the year is only about 22 days away, then the light begins to come back, and I will feel hopeful again that spring, and life will return.

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