Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Hi Friend,

Did you know every day is a day of discovery?

(well, at least it should be!)

I spend a lot of time in my office at work looking out the window at large
mounds of Sand and Gravel and Topsoil, the trees and their leaves...the coming and going of my work kitties, deer, geese taking off in groups;

punctuated by clouds, sunshine, rain, thunderstorms, snow, sleet and hail.

All this, in between customers!

There's time for reflection--thus Discovery.

in Reading--finally tackling 'The #1 Ladies Detective Agency' and
           Loving It!

occasional Quilting-- sewing binding or cutting fabric for an upcoming

Art Journaling--online tutorials and favorite artists in books encourage and I attempt something new, I'm PROUD OF MYSELF!!

I saw a tutorial from artist Violette, and was then empowered to attempt to draw a face for art journaling... Here she is!

(I had 'bleed thru' from the previous page, so I turned one spot into her heart-shaped beauty mark--the other was the orange splotch on the left--but

'Hey! Whadda You Gonna Do?!'

so I made more cool stuff!

This was silvery tissue from a friend's baby shower gift...YUM!  And the image was ON THE BACK of something else I thought i'd wanted to use.


I really like it.  and I don't think it has to 'say' anything.  At least not yet!

Then, I found a large pair of Ray Bans, and wanting to put them on my 'girl face,' but not wanting to cover her pretty face, I drew another girl, and made her my alternate-self...

Hello, Gypsy Art Girl!
(I wonder what I'd look like w/ Periwinkle Hair?)