Wisdom of My Father

If you've known my me or my family for awhile, you'll have heard a few of these.  Do not judge us by them, many are family lore, and not necessarily 'PC'

  1. The Bravest Man in the World was the First One to eat an Oyster.
  2.   "No whiskey, Macklin! We go home now!"  (this direct quote from
       the family favorite John Wayne movie, 'McClintock')

   3.  "Well, you're not sitting on an apple crate, so you're all right!"

   4.  "This tastes like it was aged in Yucca Flats!"

   5.   "People are dying every day who never died before!"

   6.  "Why don't you kids chogie on into the front room?" 

   7.  "He's a real character!" 
      (as a child, I thought this was comparing someone to CARROTS!)

   8.  Family motto (originally attributed to Lou Kurth, Sr., my grandfather):
      'Some's good
       More's better,
      Too much is just enough."  

9.  "There are three kinds of people in this world:
       Those who watch things happen, Those who make things happen,
       and those who don't know anything happened at ALL!"

10. "Dress Blues, Tennis Shoes and a Light Coat of Oil!"

11. "A Donut is the only food known to man that, when eaten, reassembles itself around your middle!"