Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I AM Alive!

Hello World!
I'm not a morning person.  I have a job which I love, which requires me to now BE a morning person.  So--I'm going to bed early, trying to limit my evening acivities, and changing patterns for this lifestyle.  That being said, the only real time i can squeeze in a workout, is at the 'butt-crack' (sorry, mom) of dawn.  That would be about 5:15 am. 

Once upon a time, I would have said there was only one of those per day.  Now, by the time the second one rolls around, I'm just about ready for dinner and bed!  EEEK--is this what 'old' is?

Okay, so I work out, and didn't have my IPod charged, so I used my IPhone for my workout, then afterward, put it into a different pocket of my purse.  At work the phone rang and it was my son-in-law, Evan, who was making sure I was okay, after a 'strange set of events': a phone call early this morning 3:30 from a friend of his, who wondered if I was okay, and that there was a report of another person w/ my name who had died.

When 'the kids' couldn't get me on the phone--(remember: my workout, then I put the phone in my purse on mute)--they were very concerned.  Evan then called me at work.  In "my" world, I'm okay; however, to several people it seemed I was dead.

This does give me a weird chance to reflect, on life...and I do get to say:
'Early reports of my death are greatly exaggerated!' 

(Okay, it is funny to say that, but also it was like a sucker-punch to hear Evan say they thought I might be gone.)  However, I am NOT, I am here!

and--   I gotta lotta livin' to do. 

(is there a song there somewhere?!! Calling Bobby Rydell)


Caitlin said...

Glad you're alive and well! Love you mom!!!

The Henry Family said...

You know I did this so faithfully when Josh went through it all and now - I just can't do it - I need to - I love a place to let go - I love your background!!!

Dayna Collins said...

Happy to know you are alive and well AND getting in shape!