Monday, November 14, 2011

I love Mark and Brian!

Happy Monday!

i'm listening to 'Portland's #1 Morning Team' according to KGON-radio.  I love Mark and Brian from KLOS radio (satellite feed from LA).  It's totally rated R- but they have great camaraderie, and sarcasm.  The little blurb on now is whether or not men should shut down an argument w/ their wife/girlfriend by walking over, grabbing her into a hug, telling her you love her, and kissing her.

(there was a article they read last week, which stated that was the best way to stop the argument)

A man just called in and stated that he was going to try it this weekend after his wife got mad at him for putting milk in their son's 'sippy cup' when she'd told him not to before.  (the 'milk residue gets stuck in the straw--you can't get it out later to wash it, and have to then throw it out').  While she was yelling at him, he said he remembered the advice, and decided to try it.  He walked closer to her, and she said, "Don't come closer!  Are you kidding me!?"

He did get within arm's reach, and said he thought he was about to get decked, when their toddler son walked into the kitchen with an open bag of cheetos, sat down in the corner to watch, and began to eat cheetos!

That stopped the argument! 

I love the mental picture! 

As far as an argument is concerned, it seems like it might work to me, but of course it depends on the circumstances.  I haven't been in a fight w/ a man for a long time, and most of the time it would be heated enough that I don't know how a man would have enough presence of mind to think about kissing me--but it's fun to think about.  Heck, who am I kidding?!  I'd LOVE for a man to come over and grab me, and kiss me!

(of course, if he CAN think about kissing you--does that mean he has LOADS of self-control--good; or, that he's not taking you seriously or even listening to what you're saying--bad, bad!!)

what do you think?

Anyway--Happy Monday!

So far, I've worked out--got 2.3 miles on the treadmill, showered/foo-foo'd, and got coffee--double-punch Monday--thanks Java  Crew, and made it to work, to get cranked-up before 7am.

(here's my quote of the day: "Better Wired, Than Fired!"
cool, huh?--I just made it up!)

The best part of working out, is the shower at the Courthouse.  I am THANKFUL for that today!!  I love that shower, because at 6am, you have the showers to yourself, if I get a song stuck in my head from the Ipod, i can sing/hum, and it's okay, and I take the opportunity to use the ADA shower, so it's really big, and has a strong, stinging spray.  Lukewarm, please to cool me off, and I can even shave my legs if I want!

Small things, but the other day I saw a friend was thankful for applesauce, so hey! a shower you can love after a workout is VALUABLE to me!  plus--I've been so rigid in my thankfulness!  All the BIG stuff I've been thankful for.  To use up all the days of November, I might have to venture into the little things!

How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty nice.  Got lots done.  Saturday's 'Thankful' would have to be sleeping in!  Sometimes, I just can't do it, or my mind won't let me.  I guess I did wake up about 10:00 am, which sounds good; but after checking email, and ebay briefly, I got sleepy again, so I just went back to sleep ('it's just a nap!'), and then, I woke up about 1pm. 

Okay, that sounds really decadent, but give me a little leeway--I did work five 9-hour days, then helped w/ a 'Potluck Piecing' class Friday night, from 5-10pm.  After all that excitement, you gotta wind down a bit, so I probably was awake 'til 11:30pm or so.  Hey, Whatever!  It was my Saturday!

Oaky-Doaky, Artichokey!  Hey, I gotta say, I found another 'Perfect Bite' on Friday night at the potluck!  (i did say I'd keep you posted.)  This is available to everyone, too!  Try out a Starbuck's Chocolate-Peanut Butter cupcake.  OOOOHHHHYEEAAAHH!

(I'm not sure if that's what it's called.  It's mini-sized, chocolate cake on the bottom, and then this peanut-butter frosting on top)

People who know me well, will know that I do not worship at the Holy Grail of Reese's, unlike many other people.  However, what really turned this into a Perfect Bite for me, was that the frosting was not overly sweet---it had a little saltiness to it, so it was more like a sea-salt caramel flavor.  the 'salty' with the sweet cake put it over the top!

(the best way to savor is to take a moment, close your eyes, and take a small bite.  Breathe deeply, and savor all the flavors with complete abandon!)

~ ~ ~

more Saturday stuff was laundry, and cutting and packaging remnants for the quilt shop, getting about 4 shopping bags of stuff cleaned out of the dining room--and I was able to set up in front of the TV, and watch a couple JLo movies (Wedding Planner and Mother-in-Law) --and catch up on Millionaire Matchmaker reruns on the DVR. 

~ ~ ~

Sunday's 'Thankful' was a miraculous BLT w/ Avocado at McGrath's Downtown.  My mom had one too!  I did order w/ fries, and they were miraculous, too.  Dennis, the chef, occasionally will do a special request, depending on how busy they are.  Now, the Downtown McG's is the only one open for breakfast, but thank goodness they are.  We ADORE Willie our favorite waitress...her sense of humor, and sarcasm can't be beat...PLUS, she's married to Dennis!  So, she's got the ear of the chef--how cool is that?!

After catching up w/ Mom and Dad and beginning to make Thanksgiving plans (brunch at the beach), I collected more remnants from GB's (Greenbaum's Quilted Forest--quilt shop where I work part time), and went home to make more remnant bags.  Maggie the cat, and I were able to watch a movie classic, 'Gigi', and get all caught up. 

Sunday's, 'Thankful'-part B, I guess--is CLASSIC MOVIE MUSICALS!

When you break it down, you can find all sorts of things, huh?  okay, I've had your ears long enough--what are you thankful for today?

ps.  this just in!! Randomness now on Mark and Brian!  Trivia: 'Hop Sing' on Bonanza, was the one to introduce finger-printing technology into a storyline--1800's by the Chinese--into a courtroom on the show.

enjoy your day!


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