Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's the 9th, I Better Get Thankful!

Hi There,
I'm on Week #2 of my blog, and I haven't learned to insert photos into the text yet...I haven't been writing it every day either!  AND NOW!!  I realize the entire world (okay, three people on Facebook on my friend list) is/are 'being' thankful every day of November for something.

Shut the FRONT DOOR!  I didn't know there was a memo on thankfulness--where was mine?  I didn't even get a ballot in the mail, and there was an election yesterday. 

For crying out loud--I vote every time!

I really try to be thinkful (that's it!  Think-full!) about being THANK-ful every day; talking to God on the way to work at least once, and telling him thank you for another day for 'do-overs' and doing 'good'.  How many zillions of things could we tell him about if we're specific, though?

So--I can write them on the calendar for November, so you don't think I repeat myself!  (I'll just try to catch up to today for now) 

November 1: 
I will be thankful for my eyesight.  each one of my 5 senses are precious, but eyesight is so vital.  Thank you, God for sunrises, sunsets, smiles!

November 2:
Today I'm thankful for work.  I have a great job/ full-time at Quality Concrete, Keizer, where I work with great people at a sand and gravel pit, working with men (mostly), weighing trucks, talking on a CB radio, and smelling diesel when I'm lucky!  I also have a part-time job at Greenbaum's Quilted Forest, where I'm around ladies and color and fabric.
How blessed I am that two employers want me, and the contrast between the two.  I am a prom-queen every day!

November 3:
Today I'll be thankful for my parents' marriage. Helen and Louie have been married almost 55 years!  (December 1)  They have loved me, encouraged me, supported me financially through a lot of my trials.  They have worked hard to keep their marriage together, and thriving, and they still like/love each other.  Remarkable in this worn-out, beat-up, fast-food, 72-days-to-a-divorce-kind-of-world.  Not remarkable considering they made a life-long commitment to God, and to each other.  It's a marriage of THREE.

November 4:  Let's be thankful for KITTIES!!  I love kitties!  Currently, I have 5 in my life.  Lest anyone think I'm turning into a 'crazy cat lady'-- I have one at home, Maggie; then 4 at work, which were born there, from feral parents, and have grown into healthy teenagers.  (they love to play in the sand pile at work!)...

tentatively, their names are Henry, Charlie, Jazz and Sunshine.  They don't much care WHO they are, as long as the 'lady in the office' stops to get them food.  Cats add so much personality, and fun to life.  They're random, curious, independent, colorful companions who make me laugh, their fur is silky soft, and restores my happiness, as I pet them.

November 5: Happy Birthday to my beautiful, exqusite daughter, Caitlin!  I have no more favorite person in this world than her/she.  The day she was born was the best day of my life.  A lot of pain!  but a lot of beauty from that.

(she would be my November 1st thankful thing, before eyesight, but November 5 being her b-day, I saved that for her!  LOL).  'they' tell you how you don't know you can love so much until you have a child--'they' are RIGHT!

November 6:
Thank you God for Lazy Sundays.  I really needed to veg and catch up today.  I had quilt blocks to make, and a studio overwhelmed with projects, but I got about 4 hours in, and made a little headway. 

November 7: 
Thank you God for being able to work out.  Until the last 4-5 years, that was never an interest or priority of mine.  At the police academy, i saw fit/unfit people, and was inspired to do my best, too.  I found that loud rock music, on a treadmill, with my eyes mostly closed!, seems to work for me.  There are so many people who can't move at all, and I can, and when I do, I feel strong, and proud of myself, and alive.

November 8:
Today I'm thankful for food in my refrigerator...there's some there!  A week ago, I looked in there, and there was stale bread, margarine and hmmm, a partly-drunk 2-liter bottle of Code Red.  Then, I got meat from the freezer, cans of olives, tomatoes, black beans, and frozen corn, and voila!  Taco Soup in the crock-pot!  A few more odds and ends one night = fried wild rice!  Leftover spinach salad w/ sun-dried tomatoes + cooked pasta = GOURMET lunches.  Thank you God for food to eat!

November 9: 
Today, I'm mostly thankful for sleep and rest.  Yesterday when i left work, I felt beat-up.  I ached physically, and I really needed sleep.  I had a quilt meeting to go to; but dropped off my quilt box at friend Joanne's house, and all I could think about was jammies, and bed, and extra-strength Tylenol pm.  sometimes, my dad says, 'sleep is highly overrated!'  In this case, sleep was highly UNderrated.

HEH! look!  I dinked around w/ the buttons, and now I have a picture in my text.  It means nothing, but a waiter w/ a frog, but it's cute isn't it!  my first pic!  Okay, that's my exhibit A! 

(and now that I added a few more pics, it's not soooo boring.  I've learned a lot in a week.  maybe tomorrow, I'll be thankful for my brain!)


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Dayna Collins said...

I loved reading your thankful list! You DO have a lot to be thankful for.