Monday, November 7, 2011

It's a Good Day!

Right now, I'm looking out at thick black clouds which are looming nearby.  However, they are not directly overhead.  There's great symbolism in that, for a Monday! My day was very good. How was yours?

My day began at 4:20 am when the alarm went off, and I began to come alive.  I really did not want to be there, but I have recently (okay, not so recently-I'm in 'De Nile'!) found a few lumps over the top of the waistband of my jeans!

EEEKKKKSSSSSSSS ALMIGHTY!!  (there's a new one for the Funk and Wagnall's--do they make that one anymore!!)

(Oh, for crying out loud, could the fat go somewhere else, like KIM KARDASHIAN'S REAR!!?  My personal opinion, which I just thought of, is that all the fat in the world should go to the rich people.  We poor people have enough trouble.  That way, the rich can afford to have it lopped off, or sucked out!)

Okay, well, I'm determined not to let the greatest job in the world go directly to my center of gravity, so I'm getting up early, and today, before I came out of the coma, I realized I had put 2 miles on the treadmill.  Hooray!  One good thing about working out at that hour is that by the time you're awake, you're done w/ the workout!

Today's been a great day.  Lots and lots of rock was sent out into the world for construction purposes, my daughter turned 25 over the weekend--how can that happen when I'm only 12 (actlikeit!), and I did get a little sewing on quilt projects done.

That studio of mine is scary.  I need about a month with no food, no phone, no sleep, no 'peeps' to beat it into submission.

One of my friends, Sara, said she's got plenty of fabric, and she won't ALLOW herself to enter a quilt shop until she uses some up.  If that were me (and a whole lot of other people I know---no namin' names!), well...thank goodness that won't happen!

Here's what I really like to do...
I go through my fabric once or twice a year; review, and sort out scraps, unwanted pieces, or things I've changed my mind about.  I put together a big shopping bag, or two; take it to my small quilting group meeting (the 'Twisted Stitchers'), and let them have first pick.  Then, I like to take it to the big quilt guild meetings, and put it on the 'back table.' 

Stand back and watch!

Those women (much as I love them) are like swooping seagulls after a breadcrumb!  It's fun!  I've been the same person.  Once, on the table I spied a small scrap of my 'lucky' orange and yellow check.  I say lucky, because a piece of that went into every quilt I made, and those pieces got smaller and smaller as I went along.  Somehow, I decided at some point that the fabric was to be my trademark.  So- the day I found a little 2x6-inch piece on the back table, I thought I'd won the lottery.  I ran over and showed my friends, and they're like, 'HUH'!?  (Okay, It's Carole, she is a little 'special', after all!)

Do I put that fabric in anymore?  No, because at some point I wondered why all my quilts were looking the same!!  Small thing--every quilt I kept using the same fabrics!  DUH!

So, anyway, here's to Monday!  We got an extra hour of sleep, it's November, the shortest day of the year is coming next month, then after that...the days get longer.  Hooray! 

see you tomorrow.  xox

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