Sunday, November 27, 2011

On to Christmas!

Well, the Thanksgiving weekend is over--
and the Black Friday Pre-Christmas Madness is starting:

in California, a lady pepper-sprayed a crowd so she could grab a case of Wii gaming consoles from the hoard.  

People are robbing bars with shotguns; stabbings and riots ensue over Christmas toys and sock sales; someone was shot in front of a Salem Pizza Hut, cars set on fire while parked in driveways--

Madness is upon us.

I struggle to find peace each Christmas season. What should be a time of preparation and expectation seems like a trip on crack to Alice's Wonderland.

So much hurt, chaos, disappointment, nay, LUNATICS in this battered world.

How to center myself and just breathe?

One idea- I will try NOT to check the news every 5 minutes. The media is so full of drama--anything to get our attention; and it WORKS!

(like a little screaming child, shouting, and we drop everything to race over to find out what's wrong; only to find a hangnail or broken toy.)

So- I will try to exercise more-that should help, too.

Here's a few"Thankfuls" for the last several days:

Friday: my daughter came from Bend for the weekend; love to have her close. And-I braved the wilds of my studio--I did a little sewing, finishing some UFOs, and starting a Christmas gift.

(Haven't had much time for quilting lately--what with blogging and all!)

(Block #1 of the Boo-Boos!  Cute, though!)

Saturday: a huge 'Thankful' which doesn't sound like it, was making two quilt blocks yesterday, which turned out perfect, only to glance at them later, realizing the finished block was 2" larger than it was supposed to be!

Not a big deal unless it's an example for a pattern you wrote, which will be made by about 80 people for a block of the month challenge!!!

Eeekk! Thank you God for helping me catch THAT mistake ahead of time!

Today (Sunday)'s 'Thankful'-- are travel back to Bend for my daughter, house returning to its usual quiet (which Maggie, the cat appreciates--she also is thankful for Bing Crosby movies!!), food in the frig for lunches this week, a sermon at church reminding us that:

(Maggie Loves Bing!)



(How appropriate!
Also, when we are grumbling, to catch
a glance at our 10
fingers, and come up
with 10 things we're thankful for.)

Thanks, Cory!

You know, I was just thinking...

Being able to breathe, and breathe deeply during this crazy season should be one of my 'fingers'!!

(I won't say which one!).

More tomorrow...

Block #2 of the Boo-Boo!  Cute block though, don't you think?!

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