About Me

Once upon a time in Salem, Oregon, when it was smaller, and people knew each other, the Kurth family was known for:
craftsmanship, horsemanship, good-peopleship, bakesmanship, and humorship (and other ships, which may have sailed). 
Although a few of the more colorful characters have passed on, I aspire to take their place... Who does not want to say,
"When I grow up, I want to be a colorful character!"?

Here's the more mundane:
I've spent my life in Salem, it's where my home and family have been...it's not too exotic
(where are the palm trees?),
and it's constipated with government! (city-county-state--nothing gets accomplished very fast). 

I've been blessed with a fantastic family, and artistic, talented friends.
In my heart I know that I'm extraordinary and unique, but isn't that boring to say? 
(No, but I can't say it out loud.) 
So-instead I say I was put on this earth for comic relief. 
(I try to do my best at that)
I can make myself laugh at just about anything: stuff I do, things I think, words I say.
i'll share some with you--right here.