Friday, November 11, 2011


Uh, OH!!
well, I missed a day to 'be thankful!'  I thought about it yesterday, and you know, once you start naming things, and publishing things, then I thought, OH!  I didn't mention my son-in-law Evan!  Will his feelings be hurt?  Oh!  I didn't talk about how thankful I am for my House!  Will its feelings get hurt!?  Oh! Oh! OH!!!

I'm neurotic!  I'd say slightly, but that might be an exaggeration--under -exaggeration.  (medication time?  haha!)

okay, well i can't hold it in anymore...just like cream, my son, EVAN KENNEDY rises to the top of day number 10!

Here we go--pretend you don't know what I'm gonna say!

November 10:
I'm thankful for Evan Kennedy! 

I'm thankful that I was working at the police academy at the time, and had the pleasure to meet him while he was training. 

I'm thankful that I got a chance to spend time with him after his graduation, over in Bend, following my 'polar plunge' into the Deschutes River, the same day with a team of girlfriends. 

(a shot of whisky to bolster our skins against the 27-degree water!)

I'm thankful that he knew/knows how to cook, because that Saturday night, he invited the team of 'Ice Princesses' over for dinner, where we were treated to Avocado-Bacon Cheeseburgers, and Sweet-Potato Fries. 

I am thankful that my daughter Caitlin, and Evan hit it off (not planned by me!); and now, they are happily married.

(in Hawaii on their honeymoon! she's the WIFE!)

Evan is a vigilant warrior, a true friend, a passionate protector, and a Godly man.  He is the perfect person for my daughter, Caitlin.  He is her 'back-stop', her home-plate, her go-to guy, and he makes things happen!  He is funny, fun, sarcastic, and a lot like me.  That makes him a great friend for me, and a fantastic man for my daughter.  And he loves to surprise others.  That makes him an amazing person just to have in our family. 

Did I say he makes amazing biscuits and gravy? 

(oh, YEAH!!)

November 11:
According to all the Feng Shui, Asian astronomers, Las Vegas wedding chapels, and, I'm sure, Yahoo, and USA Today; this date in History is A LUCKY NUMBER!!

Hmmm? Is there a way to hook Luck and Blessings together?  Fortune Cookies spring to mind, and Perfect Bites! 

I love food!  I love to eat it!  I love to Look at it!  I love to see what others are eating in restaurants, to see if I might like what they're having 'sometime.'
As I go along through life, I've come up with the quest for the Perfect Bite. 

So today, I'll be thankful for THE PERFECT BITE!

Here's the deal:
Years ago, there was an awesome movie, "The Mirror Has Two Faces," with Barbra Streisand, and Jeff Bridges.  He's an anal, dry, hunky college math professor, who wants a wife for 'companionship' only, so he picks a homely woman to marry.  She is a college lit professor, passionate about Life, would love to find Love, has this hunky-nerdy professor enter her life, and believes (even though she's an 'ugly-duckling'), that Love has finally found her.  They click, even though she has a weird habit of 'stacking' her food on her fork to create

'The Perfect Bite'...

Here's what it is:
it isn't so much the individual flavors--it's how they combine with one another!

as far as the movie goes, of course conflict ensues, Lauren Bacall is outstanding (as usual) as the 'critical' mom, and happiness finely arrives in the last 2 minutes!


Food and i are connected in a way those who love me understand.  Reflecting on my life, I believe it may have started with the All-Church Potlucks at Court Street Christian Church.  (thank you little church ladies!!) 


here are a few perfect bites that I've discovered.  (not in any particular order!)

1-  Cold, Cooked Prawns with just a dab of cocktail sauce.

2-  Artichoke Hearts in Anything!  (lemon-mayonnaise sauce, pasta, salads, scrambled eggs..the are mostly perfect in my MOUTH, hello!)

3-  McGrath's Fish House has Sourdough Bread Pudding with Hazelnut Sauce, which, when warmed up with vanilla ice cream, is TO DIE FOR!

4-  A perfectly cooked Steak (most of us could agree on that!)

5-  My friend Shawna makes the best killer Caramel Corn EVER.  It has cashews and I think dried cranberries in it.  I stole a bagful at a quilt retreat, and put it in my room, so no one else could eat it!

(okay, I officially hate the person who said writing a blog forces you to be honest.  Sorry, Greenbaum retreaters--i was following the Perfect Bite Muse!)

6-  Once i had some Stuffed French Toast--cream cheese in the middle--warm blueberry compote over the top.  That was a perfect bite--right there!

7-  Honey Baked Ham from the mall is a perfect bite, as far as I'm concerned!

there are millions of PB's to go, and I'll be on the lookout! Here's two more, which I'll never have again, 'til I get to Heaven!

8-Grandma Bernice's Homemade Bread.  She put the strangest things into the bread, sometimes (just 'what was on hand'), but warm, fresh bread out of the oven--cut the heel really thick--about 1 1/2", with butter (jam and creamy peanut good, but not necessary!)...THAT'S GOOD EATIN'!

9-  Granny Margaret's Divinity.  She was known for her Baked Beans, Cauliflower-Shrimp salad, Apple Slice, Oyster Fry Nights, and much more, but at Christmas, she made Fudge, Penoche, and Divinity.  The Divinity was the best, and you can't get that just anywhere!  Okay, another confession (blogging is dangerous to my reputation!):

When we sorted out Grandma Bernice's house  (back about 'ought-THREE'?)
I found a Christmas gift box in her freezer. (We found many of those around the house...she didn't want to use all the 'good' up!--sweet lady) I had a hunch, opened it up, and it was Divinity, which she'd never touched.  Who knew how long it was there? 

I did not leave that house without it, though, I'll tell you that! 

I took it home to Candalaria Blvd, where it was safely stashed for emergencies, and i made it last through Husband #2, and a move back to Granny's house on Browning, where it had originated.  There was a solemn eating ceremony the night the box was finally emptied  (probably about 12 years after it was made!)  That was a perfect moment, in itself. 

Isn't food fun?!  so many posibilities...
(why does that word have so many 'i's???!!!)  Geez!

Wonder what I'll think of for tomorrow, to be thankful for?!  There's so much.  Hey!

guess what?!  I'm off to help with a 'Potluck Piecing' class at Greenbaum's tonight.  There's gonna be food there!  I'm counting on a perfect bite tonight!  I'll keep you posted.

(and on the way home, a lottery ticket 'for luck'!  haha!)
Hooray!  enjoy something yummy!

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