Thursday, December 29, 2011

Color Gets Me 'Jacked'!

(Guess What?!  This photo of mine was used in a recent
Brave Girls Club 'Awesome Things' video!  Go to and check it out!)

Hi World!

Okay, today is Thursday, and I've gotta be honest--I'm operating on 3 hours SLEEP!!

Yeah, I can't believe it either.  One part of me says 'correct the errors' as I type, and the other says, 'leave them in--it's factual'!

Do you have nights when you struggle to sleep?

I think the reason for me was working on a quilt top all day...

(close-up detail of prints)
As you will see, the colors and patterns are very vibrant.  This is the new line of Paula Nadelstern fabric (arriving soon),

and I was asked to make a sample for the shop I work at part-time; 'Greenbaum's Quilted Forest,' in downtown Salem, Oregon.

(Currently, we are celebrating
our  111th year in business!!! 
That's in one family; from the
opening until this very instant, which is amazing, don't you think?)*

Anyway, one of the great things about quilt shops are the samples of quilts you can go look at for inspiration.  New fabrics, new patterns, examples of hand or machine quilting; samples for upcoming classes, it's all there. 

At Greenbaum's we love color, and bold, fun prints, so the owner, Sylvia Dorney is constantly asking staff members (or--more like this: WE BEG HER to make samples for the store when new fabrics come in!!)

(Laid out and coming together)

Yesterday, as I said, I put together a quilt top, using a pattern we really love at the shop; called, 'Perfect Ten.'  It uses 10 fat quarters (each about 18" x 22"), cut up into several sizes, then reassembled.** 

This is a great pattern for a coordinated group of fabric, but after I got through putting it together, I was so excited.  I was 'mawing' my stash, to see if there were other combinations I could put together!

(That really says something, huh?!)

If you know me, you know I LOVE COLOR!

If you don't know me, then please take a look around my blog, and know that I believe Color is one of the greatest gifts God has given us. 

It adds the Spice to Life.

what I'm getting at is, I got all 'jacked up' on the excitement, the color, the construction, and being in my studio again, that last night, I could NOT get to sleep!  (I did remember to take these photos for you, though).

Tonight, I'm hittin' it early, and Tylenol PM even earlier!

(if I want to skipp onto my ufo's instead and make somehting for meylserf, is that bakdo fm e to twant to do?  haha! 

(art by Melody Ross, Brave Girls Club)

mayvbe i shouwld get soemg lseep firstl!!))

*ps...we were also named a 'Top Ten' Shop by American Patchwork & Quilting about 10 years ago, and about 5 years ago, they named Greenbaum's one of the All-Time 'Top 20' Quilt Shops!  My picture even got into the magazine, along with the other staff members!

**Is there a man in your life who makes little comments like, "I don't understand how women can take a 'perfectly good piece of fabric,' cut it up and reassemble it again?" 

To that, I say: "hmmm, how about wood-working, dear?!"

(just remember, we're all trying to keep America's economy afloat!)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Day After Christmas To You

(art by Melody Ross, Brave Girls Club)

Happy Day After Christmas!

Did you get what you wanted?

I did!

A glorious 'Jammie Day' all to myself!

No, there's no self-pity or loneliness--my real Christmas was on Christmas Eve morning. My kids got to town the night before, we all went to church (fantastic candlelight service); dined on Chinese food after!

the famous 'smilin' tucker'!

Home to the chaos of two big Labs, trying to make friends with Maggie, my usually isolated kitty. We all finally got to sleep, with me planning to go work out with Evan, my son-in-law, at 7 am.

All's good, then, when bending over to pluck the workout shoes from under the bed, I felt my back 'tweak'...

(Mostly, this gets started with stress and being 'wound up'--how Does that happen THIS time of year!??)

I worked on stretching it out after the workout--2.6 miles on the treadmill, yay!- but it was still a little painful at the end of the day. I took a muscle relaxant to help me sleep, and I certainly did!!

Glorious Fantastic Sleep!

The Christmas celebration itself was warm and perfect!

  • Going to Mom and Dad's,
  • the 'Bumpus' Dogs,'
(two Labs, a Golden, and a Blind/Deaf Shih Tzu!--Careening Around!!),
  • a crackling fire,
  • yummy brunch***

with Thick Slices of Ham, Fresh Fruit, and a Cinnamon Bread Pudding!!
(she used more than 3 ingredients!)

***Great Job, Mom! 
(here's the little tree quilt I made
which I gave the kids--
isn't it perfect here?

Then, happy faces all-'round, as we went one gift at a time around the room, conversation, appreciation, LOVE reflected there!

So Great!

Thank you God for my beautiful loving family.

After, the kids went off to various other-family celebrations...I watched Christmas movies with the dogs!!

(Maggie was in hiding, in the Garage!)

Later, the kids came back, collected all, and 'dashed away, dashed away, Dashed Away, ALL'!!

Once I told Maggie that, "The Big Dogs are Gone!"--she slowly emerged from the Garage, and then the two of us watched some Christmas Movies.
(Thank goodness she likes 'chick flicks' too!  She was riveted to '27 Dresses' last night~!!)

I am happy to report that the Hallmark Channel still has Christmas movies on, even a day after, and I was able to set the timer to record a few--

I just may have a SECOND Jammie Day in a week, on New Year's Day!!

I have promised myself to purchase POPCORN ahead of time!

Being a new Blogger, I knew there were a zillion people 'out there' who are blogging...who really knows how many zillion (and what they/we all think is important enough to 'say',


                                                                 (haha!  That's a Big BUT!)

today, I've had a lot of fun checking out other blogs...there are SO many creative people in this world, and the blogs I've seen are rich and textured, and full of light and life. 

Down below the post, I've added a few buttons of places I really love. I'll add some more, perhaps, or put them in my favorite blog list.  I'm still on 'Explore Mode.'  I'll keep you 'posted' on what I find!

Here's a few for now-- Check out:
(There are all types of gee-gaws, mixed media supplies, and FUN! There's even a great giveaway contest to check out!)

Rebeca Trevino:
Obtanium Art
(amazing collage/found object art)
Samantha Kira Harding--a very talented, funky Art Journaler

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Contests, Giveaways, Christmas Crazy!

(this is me raging against the darkness of winter)

The days are getting LONGER!!  hOOrAY!!

Today is December 22.  I was off yesterday, and thought I would get so much accomplished (and I did), but you can never do enough this time of year!

Here's what I did:

1-Slept In!  (important this time of year)

2-Checked email  (I woke up to 43 emails!!  WHAT?!)*

*I will say that this time of year, one great way to waste time (my dad would say that--I really enjoy it!  haha) is to go to all the blogs, FAcebook Pages, ads, and everything else to see what contests are going on...I actually WON a cardigan from Fresh Produce earlier this fall for leaving a comment on Facebook! 

Today, The Vintage Pearl is offering a drawing for $100 gift certificates (hope, hope!)--love their jewelry

Tim Holtz yesterday was giving out product (didn't win!)

I've won some fabric from Kate Spain--can't WAIT to see that!

It's so much fun!  and--it's not like Publisher's Clearinghouse where you NEVER hear, and they NEVER show up--haha!

these drawings are fast and fun.  Good luck everyone!

3-Had a shower,  then Immediately,

4-Dug into my studio getting back to the piecing of quilt blocks seemingly without end...

                            (2 Types, 42 of each!)  BA-RUTHER!  And yes,

in my delusional state of Christmas denial, I believed I could finish this quilt before Christmas, go on to another, finish that, AND complete a sample for Greenbaum's (!)

okay, well, I DID get the quilt blocks done, and I'm onto the cutting of the sample quilt...WHICH I CAN KNOCK RIGHT OUT!

I will have to skip the middle one for now.  Maybe that will just be a fun 'whatever' gift for the recipient.  hmmm.

And, another thing--do I take photos of all this?  No, I didn't because the person reads my blog, and might figure things out.  


(a Rose in my Yard in November is AWESOME!)

I do have other fun news:

Have you heard of Brave Girls Club?  It is a wonderful site with daily encouragements, affirmations, classes, camps, forums which was started by Melody Ross, and her sister, Kathy Wilkins.  They're trying to 'bring the light' to others (mostly women-but there are brave Boys too). 

This year they are all about 'AWESOME!'  Inviting people to post their favorite moments, people, meaningful-ness to their site, as well as photos.  I sent in several photos, and Kathy emailed me to let me know they wanted to use them, but they hadn't come through.  She left her phone number on her email, and I called her and SPOKE TO KATHY ON THE PHONE!!

AND--she knew who I was!

And she likes me!  It was like talking to a celebrity, but I know she's really just a normal person--haha!--i'm so silly.

Anyway, I got the kinks worked out, and the photos resent, and I think they'll be in a Christmas video from Brave Girls.  I'll be posting them here for you to see.

So-that was definitely day-off excitement!!

Then, I also made some homemade bean and ham soup  (leftover ham bone from the Honey-Baked at Thanksgiving), and tried making a batch of No-Bake Cookies
(recipe from --recipe courtesy of Helen Ostrosky)
...I think I'll just post it here for you and you'll be saved the 'look-up!

  • 2 cups sugar
  • 4 tablespoons cocoa
  • 1 stick butter
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 cup peanut butter
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla
  • 3 cups oatmeal
  • Waxed paper


In a heavy saucepan bring to a boil, the sugar, cocoa, butter and milk. Let boil for 1 minute then add peanut butter, vanilla and oatmeal. On a sheet of waxed paper, drop mixture by the teaspoonfuls, until cooled and hardened.

**I changed it up a bit because I didn't have the white milk, just chocolate milk, AND I added dried cranberries for fun...and it tastes pretty great! Here's another idea...adding instant coffee to the chocolate mix, OR dried blueberries, Peanuts, or m&m's.

Below is a photo I'm extremely Proud of...

I took this last winter after the Greenbaum's Retreat in Newport.  Caught this bike right outside Panini, the gourmet bakery in Nye Beach, where, if you want Peanut Butter and Jelly Scones, great espresso, and a smile from a hunk who surfs; named, Gabe--

That's WHERE to GO!
(A purple bike at the Beach in Winter is AWESOME!!)

Right now, looking out the window, I'm confronted by the never-ending cold specter of Pearl-Grey foggy's cold and damp, and guess what?!! The furnace at work doesn't work right!

No Problemo! 

There are fantastic guys who take care of me, and i have TWO, count 'em TWO space heaters going all day.  It works pretty well, and I have access to more if I need them. 

Oh!  I'm going back to last Friday's blog, and enter some fun photos I took there.  Then, I'll be working on an altered book which I'll show you some photos of.

(have I wrapped any presents yet/  NOPE!...Christmast is DAYS away!  right?!!)

Friday, December 16, 2011

One Day Closer!

Hello, There!

I bet when you read the title of 'today's episode', you thought I was talking about Christmas!

Haha!  NOPE!

Today is the 16th of December, and to me, that means we're one day closer to the shortest day of the year...(longest night of the year!)

in 'Carole-speak,' that means from then on, the days get longer.  That's something to be thankful for.

(we're heading toward SPRING!! my favorite time of year!!)

I will say that the December weather up until now, has been flat-out amazing--cold sunny days, but today is the grey-blah, most Oregonians have come to love or hate, and tolerate. 

It's Friday, and I'll be helping with a 'Potluck Piecing' class at the quilt shop I work at part-time.  I have so much fun at this class.  There is a core group of ladies, who come each month for the cost of $10.  To the class they bring a dish/dessert/salad they'd like to share.  We usually have some wine, and the store closes at 5:45, so we can start at 6pm. 

10:00 pm is the usual cut-off time now, although in the 'old days' when a few of us were younger, we'd stay 'til midnight.  Sylvia, the shop owner would bring pizza in about 9pm, and then we'd have cookies and milk about 11:00pm! 

(Besides all the other food!!)  Can you believe it!  Our metabolism was WAY HIGHER back in the day!  haha!

Now, some of them are lucky to make it to 8:30 pm! 

(Personally, I say, Thank goodness for Red Bull, and Starbucks!)

Along with themselves and the food, attendees bring whatever projects to work on that they'd like, and then, upon going home, they take a free fat quarter of their choice!

(if you live outside quilting circles, that's a 1/4 yard of fabric, but cut at 18" length, then split on the fold, to equal approx. 18" x 22".)

Tonight though, is our 'Christmas Party'--everyone to bring a gift of some sort to exchange, and we will attempt a rare feat:

staying until 11:00 pm!

(I'll let you know how THAT turns out!)

In the meantime, I'm going to upload a few more of my patterns onto the

'Original Quilt Patterns'

page of mine here, and when you have time, check it out! 


I'd also be really happy to send you or someone else you know, a pattern or two, if someone wishes to buy one.

Okay, I don't have too much time, so I'll get busy on the patterns.  Here's just a pique (your interest!  haha!)  for now...

'All Charmed Up!'  (an original quilt pattern)

Have a great weekend!

ps.  it's Thursday, the following week, and a few people actually stayed til 11:00 pm!  The gift exchange was 'tame', no competition for gifts; people were happy with what they got, and Cheri, the birthday girl, declared she had too much sewing to finish, so we shouldn't 'steal'--perhaps next year, all bets are OFF?! 

Anyway, the food was fantastic, as usual.  come on down each month, and check out the fun!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Hello, Out There!

I've missed being 'here'--no posts since last Friday--Hmm, what's going on?

Christmas!!  (Well, Christmas-Time, anyway!)

Okay, let's see what else?

  • Work at Job #1
  • Work at Job #2
  • Laundry at Home
  • Feed the cat!
  • Christmas Party with Quilting Group
  • Sewing on a Christmas Quilt gift
  • Newsletter for the Quilt Guild
  • Eat, Sleep, Drive, watch a few Christmas movies

i'm sure there were other things, but that's a few!  (how can I leave out Feeding the Cat!)

As far as working on Art, I haven't had much time this week.  Job #1 is in the Construction Industry, and usually slows down during the winter.

However, in my case, I am able to work at Job #2 (quilt shop), so that will help fill in...yay!

Yesterday was my first 'new day off'--and it was All Girly!

I slept in til 10:30 am!!

I checked my emails,

Facebooked a few friends,

Worked out (2 miles on the treadmill)

Shopped a bit at my fave resale shop, 'Rags to Riches',
(found a cute Leopard-print cardigan, and a couple 'zazzy' scarves)

Then, I had a hair appointment, and my friend, Milia, at Allure Salon and Day Spa*, really beautified me!

(I'm thinking a new slogan for them could be,

'I found my ALLURE!!'

* If you live near Salem, Oregon, and need a great haircut, this lady is a dream!  I've gone to her for about 10 years, and never had a bad haircut or color!  Totally.  This salon has other great people, and they do spa treatments, waxing, colors, the whole nine yards! 

While there,
I found a couple new OPI nail colors:

'Strawberry Margarita'  and 'Houston, We Have a Plum!'

now, thinking about it, I think it should be 'Pro-Plum'!!

(maybe it was, and I'm old and BLIND!!) 


Ever think getting older is 'sucky'?

I do, until I remember that there are PLENTY of people who'd wish they had one more day, and I tell myself to get over myself.

Anyway, back at home, I gave into the 'girliness' and gave myself a clay masque, (which Maggie, 'the Cat', chose to watch from the bathroom counter!), and after that, I got close-up and personal with

the TV


'Strawberry Margarita' (the polish)


a hot cup of chai!

What a great relaxing fun pampering day!

Friday, December 9, 2011

"Friday, Friday..."!!


Have you heard the song, 'Friday, Friday, Friday is my Fa-vo-rite day?'

Friday, Friday, Friday is my Fa-vo-rite day!
Friday, Friday, Friday is my Fa-vo-rite day,
Monday is a Bummer,
Tuesday's only Fair,
Wednesday's just a weekday;
Thursday's almost there, to
Friday, Friday, Friday is my Fa-vo-rite day!

                                                                     (da, da, da, da-Boom!)

I didn't post photos yesterday, so I could save them all for today! 

(I do want to go back and put in a Madonna photo, and a football, for the Super Bowl, though!)

(this was a leftover card from a previous
 'Creative Explorations' class I took
at Stampin' Cat)

This week, I 'be' makin' ART!!

(and a lot of it, too!) 

I've gotten a lot of pages done for my Affirmation Journal--

(In review, this is the book I worked on over at the beach and took apart the spirals to put the Inka Gold/Copper and stamped the inside edge of all the pages, to cover the white space)

the irony is that we don't meet in December, so in January, when we all show up for class, I'll probably be working on another BOOK! and Jami, my teacher, will ask me to show the class what I did for the last month, and I'll hold up a plain white book, because I'm just starting a new one, and I will have completely forgotten the finished one at HOME!!


BA-ROTHER!  (I'm so silly, sometimes!) 

i'm thinking however, that the entire planet can use more 'silly' if you want to call it that, OR Comic Relief, which I am a self-declared PRO at!

Back to the book--

I'm finding what I like is that the square format, about 7",  feels good to me--not too overwhelming. If I feel like putting in one photo, that's okay, and it also seems large enough that I can collage a bit, too. 
(this image I cut directly from a
Somerset Magazine.  It's someone
else's art, but I loved the image, and will
only have it for my personal use)

the rest of the 'AJ' class is using old
books which they are altering by tearing
out pages, and covering up. 

I have worked in Old Books before--my first 'AJ' was an old music book; I spent about a year on that, and stressed over  doing something new, tearing the pages
OUT OF A BOOK~!!!~~,   
and because it was a teacher's edition of a grade-school music book, I tried to coordinate
all the images I put in, with the words and titles of the songs!

I am very proud of it because it was my first one.  I may even go back and add some stamping sometime. 

(I'll share photos on that someday.)

What else artwise have I done?
I also sorted out odds and ends of clippings yesterday, which I don't care for anymore, and what's the point of using them in Art, if I'm not passionate about them?!!

i'll just share some of the pages I've put together over the last several days while I wasn't blogging! Here we go---

Okay, these three photos go together--they make up one pocket page with a re-purposed bookmark  (originally too large-too white, but I LOVED the yarn and the saying),

and the pocket needed something else in it besides the bookmark, so--

I made a little card, which had two sides, so once I flipped it over, it had to be filled up, so
ON goes the dancer and a quote!

(can you see this hobby is sorta like Dominoes! 
one thing sure leads to another--!)

Now, these cute little ladies were in a magazine, and i used my Victorian-Edge
scissors to give it a vintage-looking cut edge,
and they're knitting like crazy, so I had a
cool quote, to use with it:

"Keep At It!  Keep At It!"

which came from a friend's grandma. 

I wrote that on a leftover tag I had, and used my new funky Numbers Tape purchased from Stampin' Cat Studios 

(it's in Salem, Oregon--Lisa Taylor has a TOTALLY Rockin' Store!!)

Next page (these next two face each other):

I loved this 'Beauty' clipping! I added the 'Light'  (cut out of a Rejuvenations Catalog, to shine a light on Beauty), and other elements. 

The page on the right is just a couple clipped photos, but helped convey the 'Bloom' message.

(Who doesn't need a reminder to let their Beauty Shine?  And we all need to keep Blooming!)

This world is a dark, harsh, mean, ugly place sometimes with a lot of unhappiness. We have Adam and Eve to blame for that, but one Positive thing is that we know there is something much better ahead! So-if we know the world is ugly, we don't have to feel bad leaving it behind--someday!

In the meantime,

while I'm here, I will do my best to encourage others, brighten the corner where I am, and seek out other positive images and people to help fill me up!

You do it too, and we can light it up together!

                                                 Friday's sermonette is over!!  haha!

Oh, sure you say!--she musta planned this:

Here come the ANGELS!! 

I did not plan the asides nor the layout of the blog, I just write what comes into my brain--

I'm so Hilarious and Random--
I swear these happenstances always happen to me! 

Whadda you do?  Gotta roll with it!

I completely forgot to tell you that I designed the Beauty/Bloom section as two pages, BUT they're really Four.  How's that?  Well, I used gaffer tape for to hook 2 pages together, so it flips over, opening up to the Angels.

it's way more fun to make these interactive...a challenge, creative, fun, ARTY, and that's why 'we' do it, right?

last page in this section:

This is a post from Brave Girls Club, which has the most amazing Affirmations EVER! 

(use the little toggle at the bottom of my page to connect with it for yourself)

anyway--found this little birdie in as part of a hand-crafted necklace, added a couple little do-hickeys  (hickees, hickys--THINGS!),  a phrase, and some glitter paint--ta DA!



Now, on to other things:

As I'm going along in paper-arts, one of the things I most love is all the different papers.  I really like to use those as background, cut to fit the page, make as a separate unit, then glue into the book.

The scraps from a 12x12 paper make great borders and pockets, and lots of the ones I buy have two sides...Twice the fun!

This next year, I plan to learn more about building backgrounds with paint, and other techniques;

I want to take Art Journaling classes to branch out in my skills as an Artist.

So, anything can happen!

thanks for coming on the journey with me...!

Thursday, Already?

Helloooo, Out There!

I know I said I'd have something 'tomorrow,' and then you didn't hear back, right?  I just remembered that when I started this blog on Halloween, I was so excited that nothing would make me quit, except that I had to sleep and eat--

key marks are SO unattractive on one's face, and the skin doesn't bounce back the way it used to!!  Also, it's so unattractive to eat and spill food into one's keyboard, then sleep, THEN get food stuck to your face, when it doesn't bounce back, and you then have a WAFFLE-FACE!!

(I can hear my daughter, Caitlin, saying, "Mom!  That's GROSS!")


It's so random how my mind works!

(but I enjoy entertaining myself)


The world is still MAD, MAD, MAD! 

A shooter at Virginia Tech--over a parking infraction;

a woman buried alive by her fiance digs herself out with her engagement ring!  (hope it was a honkin' big diamond!),

Alec Baldwin has a hissy fit because an airline attendant wanted him to turn off his video game while waiting for take-off  (BRAT!);


Madonna (of ALL PEOPLE!) will perform the half-time show at the Super Bowl!

Are you Kidding Me?!!

I would NEVER have used Super Bowl and Madonna in the same sentence!

I remember when I was growing up there was a phrase the grown-ups used:

"Just when you think you've seen it all...________ comes along!"

I always loved that phrase!

I'm thinking I'll have to begin using it all the time.  Just when I think I've seen it ALL--Madonna Comes To The Super Bowl!

I have another couple favorites:

"Let's Get The Show On The Road!"

"Oh, For Crying Out Loud!!"

Hearing either one, never fails to crack me UP!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday, Monday!

Hi, Folks,
Well, it is Monday, and as they go, it's not too bad...The sun is shining brightly, there are a few clouds, but wispy ones; a pretty day for December 5, all told.

This morning, I was not too with it, and have been on caffeine all day, and not helping too much.  However, the sunshine is the BEST!

A weekend in Bend for a Ladies Tea, where the speaker was Jane Kirkpatrick--and if you've never heard or read her---get thee to an appearance!  What a fantastic speaker!  Jane is a great storyteller, and that really comes across.

Her books are fascinating, full of detail, and; after years of historical novels, she's venturing into modern day with her latest, 'Barcelona Calling.'

find all her info at:

Saturday, the morning started a bit was under the weather, but insisted that daughter, Caitlin,  and I go to the Bend Christmas Parade, and it was fantastic!...Our friend Ashley was in the lead with the Police Honor Guard, so we were off to a fabulous start.

The weather might have been a bit cold, but we were bundled up, and standing in the sunshine.  Parade contestants in great spirits, lots of local color! 

how can you not love classic cars, pygmy goats wearing antlers, roller-blading men doing 'jumps' in the center of the street, dance teams, marching bands, mini-cars with vacuum bags on the back, a school bus-wearing a Polar Express costume, elves, dressed-up kids, firefighters, classic cars, a couple Harleys, cross-country clubs on roller-skis, foo-fooed doggies, sparkly horses, Parade Princesses---it goes on and on!

(actually, it did--for an hour and 15 minutes!)


It was one of those 'Life's Perfect Moments' but a whole bunch of them strung together.  Thank you, BEND!

Back at the ranch, 'Grammee' still under the weather, but Evan was up and awake and Christmas decorating and music ensued. 

Later on, over peppermint tea, we caught, 'Santa Claus 2' on Netflix. 

Come Sunday, we were spoiled by the same glorious, dry, sunny, cold weather (ooohhh, too bad!  NOT!), and we 'flanneled-up' and went to church.

Pastor Ken @ Westside knocked it outta the park, encouraging everyone to 'Be Still' this holiday season; remembering the meaning, and how we gain nothing with the stress and rush.

(I loved this line: "We are NOT Human DO-ings; We're Human BE-ings."  As such, it's our job (task, assignment, response) to BE: reflect on the season, the meaning, the person of Jesus.)

One of the reasons I have grown to dislike Christmas so much is the push and stress that the media place on us.  From Halloween until Christmas we're assaulted with commercialism, and pushed into trying to keep up the competition to be, do, create; something we aren't, or don't have.

(no mention of whether or not you can actually AFFORD it!)

The media makes us think that--we're not allowed to just BE!

Well, Pastor Ken gave us each permission to 'take a mini-Sabbath': i.e., a two-minute break or walk, deep breathing; even unplug from an regular event a year in advance--to pre-plan how we want our schedule next Christmas.

good stuff. 

(followed by warm, gooey, melty chocolate chip cookies in the Atrium)

Rest of Sunday uneventful--nice drive home, although concerned for Mom, who although was better, was not totally well. 
(as of monday--she's gettin' there!)

Today, the weather, as I said before: Perfect for December!  We've sold some rock, the kitties are better, and recuperating after getting 'fixed',
and the week has begun. 

I made a little art, as well.

Here are a couple Affirmation Journal Pages I did today...

I found a couple quotes, and just worked around them.  You know, the older you get, you find out women can make fantastic friends, and appreciate how blessed you can be.  My life right now is full of female friends, and they're like facets of a diamond:

each shines brightly on her own, each offers something unique,
and together, they are DAzzLING!

I'm a blessed woman!

(I found this 'girls on tractor' picture in an ad in Somerset magazine, then used my Victorian edge scissors to make it vintagey; and added some scuff marks from the Distress Inks, 'Vintage Photo' color.)

While that was page was drying, being in the 'groove,'

I started a tag with another quote, and made it to be a little bit interactive:

(tag front)

(inside detail)

here's a great quote from comedienne
Rita Rudner:   >  >  >  >

I found some odds and ends of paper samples, a little red bird in a cage;

used the Tim Holtz 'Vintage Photo' Distress Ink-brushed around the edges--love this!

to stick it together...
the new Vintage Street Tinted Tape: 'Numbers' from

Stampin' Cat Studios--
(the awesomest Salem altered art/paper creativity/stamping shop!!)

Hand-lettered the quote and made it open up!  decorated the inside of the paper (with extra gee-gaws leftover from another project) to cover up the manufacturer/color numbers,

Stuck it at an angle to 'art it up', and tied some yummy iridescent ribbon to the top of the tag!

(I might just spread on a little Inka Gold-Copper to
add some happy to the page!)

So, now you know what I've been doing the last several days...

Come back tomorrow, and let's do something else!

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December!

What a glorious day! 

Here in Salem, God really knocked it outta the park!!

It got up into the 50's the sky cleared after the fog lifted, and as the sun slowly sinks beyond the gravel pile  (hahahaha!!  that's so funny!),

i'm thankful for another day.

Today, my little work kitties, Henry, Sam, Jazz and Sunny got herded up and went to the nearby animal hospital to get 'fixed'.  I feel a little sad about it, because I wonder if they'll trust me again, but as it is now they go thru a 16lb. bag of Kit and Kaboodle every two weeks!

(and also a can of cat food at lunch each day--mixed w/ warm water into their food!  What kitty who lives outside shouldn't have a nice 'hot lunch' from their 'Cafeteria Lady'--me?)

How could I afford to feed another (possible) 12 cats!!?? 

Right now, around the yard, when the truck drivers come in, they joke around about 'herding cats'!  So many times I heard the saying, and now, I live it!  haha!

(life is a little ironic and funny that way.)


                                                         check out this babe
Isn't she beautiful?

This photo and the one at the beginning are from a vintage photo site,

They have free images to use in your artwork.  There are dozens, and I love the site.  Check it out!

It's a huge site, and lots to appreciate.

Because it's December 1, many sites today that I frequent are beginning art projects, and tags, and countdowns, and advents, etc.  It's beautiful, but I haven't evolved to that yet.  Maybe tomorrow...

I will leave you with a picture of a 'Happy Book' cover I did.  My happy book is a combination of pages of pretty paper that I like, coordinated with collaged images I love.  I didn't know what to really call it; I just told a friend it 'made me happy.'  She said, "Then, it's your Happy Book!"

So, I guess it is.

Tune in tomorrow... I'll try to get some art 'in' before I travel to Bend for a 'ladies tea' weekend with my mother and daughter. 

(and we'll see how the kitties are...)

bye for now!