Wednesday, November 2, 2011

O, So NOT Ready For Winter

Well, I just got through perusing the Jackson & Perkins Holiday Gift catalog...'Start NOW!!'  'Get these amaryllis while you can!'  'Time is running out!'

I saw a Christmas tree in a store window this morning on the way to work...which one?  I can't tell, because it was foggy as all get-out; in fact, I drove slowly through the nearby school zone, in case anyone was crossing the street; conquered that, then was coming to the stop sign, which wasn't there!  Why?  Because I wasn't AT THE STOP SIGN YET!

Ooookay, I was saying, 'Carole, you're a goofball!' and at the stop, turned right.  Then, driving down the street, I missed the street to the left where I was to turn...'Geez!'  (check the mirror, back up!)  turn left, head down the street which makes a jog to the left, and I avoid all the cars parked there (thankfully), and am thinking, 'There's sure an awful lot OF CARS PARKED down here-what's going on-a convention?!'--when WHAT!??

the street ends! 


it's the end of a CUL-DE-SAC!! 

where am I?  I have not a CLUE!  In my sleep-deprived-foggy mind, I realize I am lost, and 30-seconds ago, I was fine. 

How weird and scary, and it's the start of a panic attack.
okay-- backtrack--keep breathing--drive back out the way I came. 

At the end of the street, do I go left or right?  50-50 chance (it's like the box of crayons--but that's another story.).  i turn left, and go about 50 feet, and there's another street...hoping it's Willow Lake Road, I chance it, and suddenly things are more familiar, although I still can't see worth beans.

How weird to be lost like that.  Fog should be outlawed!  OR--let's just have a day where we all drive with our eyes closed!  (I personally love this idea, and the images of it)

Folks, this is just the beginning, and I work by a river.  I wonder if I can put little/big red reflectors on the street signs, so I can find my way 'home'!  (you can call me

I haven't even taken you on a drive through the snow with me yet.  Oooooohh, I am SO NOT READY FOR WINTER!

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Caitlin said...

Um... You need more sleep... This worries your poor daughter!! Glad you made it to work! I'm sure it's te Christmas tree's fault for distracting you :)