Friday, December 16, 2011

One Day Closer!

Hello, There!

I bet when you read the title of 'today's episode', you thought I was talking about Christmas!

Haha!  NOPE!

Today is the 16th of December, and to me, that means we're one day closer to the shortest day of the year...(longest night of the year!)

in 'Carole-speak,' that means from then on, the days get longer.  That's something to be thankful for.

(we're heading toward SPRING!! my favorite time of year!!)

I will say that the December weather up until now, has been flat-out amazing--cold sunny days, but today is the grey-blah, most Oregonians have come to love or hate, and tolerate. 

It's Friday, and I'll be helping with a 'Potluck Piecing' class at the quilt shop I work at part-time.  I have so much fun at this class.  There is a core group of ladies, who come each month for the cost of $10.  To the class they bring a dish/dessert/salad they'd like to share.  We usually have some wine, and the store closes at 5:45, so we can start at 6pm. 

10:00 pm is the usual cut-off time now, although in the 'old days' when a few of us were younger, we'd stay 'til midnight.  Sylvia, the shop owner would bring pizza in about 9pm, and then we'd have cookies and milk about 11:00pm! 

(Besides all the other food!!)  Can you believe it!  Our metabolism was WAY HIGHER back in the day!  haha!

Now, some of them are lucky to make it to 8:30 pm! 

(Personally, I say, Thank goodness for Red Bull, and Starbucks!)

Along with themselves and the food, attendees bring whatever projects to work on that they'd like, and then, upon going home, they take a free fat quarter of their choice!

(if you live outside quilting circles, that's a 1/4 yard of fabric, but cut at 18" length, then split on the fold, to equal approx. 18" x 22".)

Tonight though, is our 'Christmas Party'--everyone to bring a gift of some sort to exchange, and we will attempt a rare feat:

staying until 11:00 pm!

(I'll let you know how THAT turns out!)

In the meantime, I'm going to upload a few more of my patterns onto the

'Original Quilt Patterns'

page of mine here, and when you have time, check it out! 


I'd also be really happy to send you or someone else you know, a pattern or two, if someone wishes to buy one.

Okay, I don't have too much time, so I'll get busy on the patterns.  Here's just a pique (your interest!  haha!)  for now...

'All Charmed Up!'  (an original quilt pattern)

Have a great weekend!

ps.  it's Thursday, the following week, and a few people actually stayed til 11:00 pm!  The gift exchange was 'tame', no competition for gifts; people were happy with what they got, and Cheri, the birthday girl, declared she had too much sewing to finish, so we shouldn't 'steal'--perhaps next year, all bets are OFF?! 

Anyway, the food was fantastic, as usual.  come on down each month, and check out the fun!

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