Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday, Monday!

Hi, Folks,
Well, it is Monday, and as they go, it's not too bad...The sun is shining brightly, there are a few clouds, but wispy ones; a pretty day for December 5, all told.

This morning, I was not too with it, and have been on caffeine all day, and not helping too much.  However, the sunshine is the BEST!

A weekend in Bend for a Ladies Tea, where the speaker was Jane Kirkpatrick--and if you've never heard or read her---get thee to an appearance!  What a fantastic speaker!  Jane is a great storyteller, and that really comes across.

Her books are fascinating, full of detail, and; after years of historical novels, she's venturing into modern day with her latest, 'Barcelona Calling.'

find all her info at:

Saturday, the morning started a bit was under the weather, but insisted that daughter, Caitlin,  and I go to the Bend Christmas Parade, and it was fantastic!...Our friend Ashley was in the lead with the Police Honor Guard, so we were off to a fabulous start.

The weather might have been a bit cold, but we were bundled up, and standing in the sunshine.  Parade contestants in great spirits, lots of local color! 

how can you not love classic cars, pygmy goats wearing antlers, roller-blading men doing 'jumps' in the center of the street, dance teams, marching bands, mini-cars with vacuum bags on the back, a school bus-wearing a Polar Express costume, elves, dressed-up kids, firefighters, classic cars, a couple Harleys, cross-country clubs on roller-skis, foo-fooed doggies, sparkly horses, Parade Princesses---it goes on and on!

(actually, it did--for an hour and 15 minutes!)


It was one of those 'Life's Perfect Moments' but a whole bunch of them strung together.  Thank you, BEND!

Back at the ranch, 'Grammee' still under the weather, but Evan was up and awake and Christmas decorating and music ensued. 

Later on, over peppermint tea, we caught, 'Santa Claus 2' on Netflix. 

Come Sunday, we were spoiled by the same glorious, dry, sunny, cold weather (ooohhh, too bad!  NOT!), and we 'flanneled-up' and went to church.

Pastor Ken @ Westside knocked it outta the park, encouraging everyone to 'Be Still' this holiday season; remembering the meaning, and how we gain nothing with the stress and rush.

(I loved this line: "We are NOT Human DO-ings; We're Human BE-ings."  As such, it's our job (task, assignment, response) to BE: reflect on the season, the meaning, the person of Jesus.)

One of the reasons I have grown to dislike Christmas so much is the push and stress that the media place on us.  From Halloween until Christmas we're assaulted with commercialism, and pushed into trying to keep up the competition to be, do, create; something we aren't, or don't have.

(no mention of whether or not you can actually AFFORD it!)

The media makes us think that--we're not allowed to just BE!

Well, Pastor Ken gave us each permission to 'take a mini-Sabbath': i.e., a two-minute break or walk, deep breathing; even unplug from an regular event a year in advance--to pre-plan how we want our schedule next Christmas.

good stuff. 

(followed by warm, gooey, melty chocolate chip cookies in the Atrium)

Rest of Sunday uneventful--nice drive home, although concerned for Mom, who although was better, was not totally well. 
(as of monday--she's gettin' there!)

Today, the weather, as I said before: Perfect for December!  We've sold some rock, the kitties are better, and recuperating after getting 'fixed',
and the week has begun. 

I made a little art, as well.

Here are a couple Affirmation Journal Pages I did today...

I found a couple quotes, and just worked around them.  You know, the older you get, you find out women can make fantastic friends, and appreciate how blessed you can be.  My life right now is full of female friends, and they're like facets of a diamond:

each shines brightly on her own, each offers something unique,
and together, they are DAzzLING!

I'm a blessed woman!

(I found this 'girls on tractor' picture in an ad in Somerset magazine, then used my Victorian edge scissors to make it vintagey; and added some scuff marks from the Distress Inks, 'Vintage Photo' color.)

While that was page was drying, being in the 'groove,'

I started a tag with another quote, and made it to be a little bit interactive:

(tag front)

(inside detail)

here's a great quote from comedienne
Rita Rudner:   >  >  >  >

I found some odds and ends of paper samples, a little red bird in a cage;

used the Tim Holtz 'Vintage Photo' Distress Ink-brushed around the edges--love this!

to stick it together...
the new Vintage Street Tinted Tape: 'Numbers' from

Stampin' Cat Studios--
(the awesomest Salem altered art/paper creativity/stamping shop!!)

Hand-lettered the quote and made it open up!  decorated the inside of the paper (with extra gee-gaws leftover from another project) to cover up the manufacturer/color numbers,

Stuck it at an angle to 'art it up', and tied some yummy iridescent ribbon to the top of the tag!

(I might just spread on a little Inka Gold-Copper to
add some happy to the page!)

So, now you know what I've been doing the last several days...

Come back tomorrow, and let's do something else!

Thanks for stopping by.

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Dayna Collins said...

Carole, you sure know how to pack a lot into a blog! I love your images and I especially love that you shared the idea of taking "mini-Sabbaths." Consider that one a done deal!