Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December!

What a glorious day! 

Here in Salem, God really knocked it outta the park!!

It got up into the 50's the sky cleared after the fog lifted, and as the sun slowly sinks beyond the gravel pile  (hahahaha!!  that's so funny!),

i'm thankful for another day.

Today, my little work kitties, Henry, Sam, Jazz and Sunny got herded up and went to the nearby animal hospital to get 'fixed'.  I feel a little sad about it, because I wonder if they'll trust me again, but as it is now they go thru a 16lb. bag of Kit and Kaboodle every two weeks!

(and also a can of cat food at lunch each day--mixed w/ warm water into their food!  What kitty who lives outside shouldn't have a nice 'hot lunch' from their 'Cafeteria Lady'--me?)

How could I afford to feed another (possible) 12 cats!!?? 

Right now, around the yard, when the truck drivers come in, they joke around about 'herding cats'!  So many times I heard the saying, and now, I live it!  haha!

(life is a little ironic and funny that way.)


                                                         check out this babe
Isn't she beautiful?

This photo and the one at the beginning are from a vintage photo site,

They have free images to use in your artwork.  There are dozens, and I love the site.  Check it out!

It's a huge site, and lots to appreciate.

Because it's December 1, many sites today that I frequent are beginning art projects, and tags, and countdowns, and advents, etc.  It's beautiful, but I haven't evolved to that yet.  Maybe tomorrow...

I will leave you with a picture of a 'Happy Book' cover I did.  My happy book is a combination of pages of pretty paper that I like, coordinated with collaged images I love.  I didn't know what to really call it; I just told a friend it 'made me happy.'  She said, "Then, it's your Happy Book!"

So, I guess it is.

Tune in tomorrow... I'll try to get some art 'in' before I travel to Bend for a 'ladies tea' weekend with my mother and daughter. 

(and we'll see how the kitties are...)

bye for now!

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Dayna Collins said...

Carole, such great images and witty writing. I love your blog!