Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Day After Christmas To You

(art by Melody Ross, Brave Girls Club)

Happy Day After Christmas!

Did you get what you wanted?

I did!

A glorious 'Jammie Day' all to myself!

No, there's no self-pity or loneliness--my real Christmas was on Christmas Eve morning. My kids got to town the night before, we all went to church (fantastic candlelight service); dined on Chinese food after!

the famous 'smilin' tucker'!

Home to the chaos of two big Labs, trying to make friends with Maggie, my usually isolated kitty. We all finally got to sleep, with me planning to go work out with Evan, my son-in-law, at 7 am.

All's good, then, when bending over to pluck the workout shoes from under the bed, I felt my back 'tweak'...

(Mostly, this gets started with stress and being 'wound up'--how Does that happen THIS time of year!??)

I worked on stretching it out after the workout--2.6 miles on the treadmill, yay!- but it was still a little painful at the end of the day. I took a muscle relaxant to help me sleep, and I certainly did!!

Glorious Fantastic Sleep!

The Christmas celebration itself was warm and perfect!

  • Going to Mom and Dad's,
  • the 'Bumpus' Dogs,'
(two Labs, a Golden, and a Blind/Deaf Shih Tzu!--Careening Around!!),
  • a crackling fire,
  • yummy brunch***

with Thick Slices of Ham, Fresh Fruit, and a Cinnamon Bread Pudding!!
(she used more than 3 ingredients!)

***Great Job, Mom! 
(here's the little tree quilt I made
which I gave the kids--
isn't it perfect here?

Then, happy faces all-'round, as we went one gift at a time around the room, conversation, appreciation, LOVE reflected there!

So Great!

Thank you God for my beautiful loving family.

After, the kids went off to various other-family celebrations...I watched Christmas movies with the dogs!!

(Maggie was in hiding, in the Garage!)

Later, the kids came back, collected all, and 'dashed away, dashed away, Dashed Away, ALL'!!

Once I told Maggie that, "The Big Dogs are Gone!"--she slowly emerged from the Garage, and then the two of us watched some Christmas Movies.
(Thank goodness she likes 'chick flicks' too!  She was riveted to '27 Dresses' last night~!!)

I am happy to report that the Hallmark Channel still has Christmas movies on, even a day after, and I was able to set the timer to record a few--

I just may have a SECOND Jammie Day in a week, on New Year's Day!!

I have promised myself to purchase POPCORN ahead of time!

Being a new Blogger, I knew there were a zillion people 'out there' who are blogging...who really knows how many zillion (and what they/we all think is important enough to 'say',


                                                                 (haha!  That's a Big BUT!)

today, I've had a lot of fun checking out other blogs...there are SO many creative people in this world, and the blogs I've seen are rich and textured, and full of light and life. 

Down below the post, I've added a few buttons of places I really love. I'll add some more, perhaps, or put them in my favorite blog list.  I'm still on 'Explore Mode.'  I'll keep you 'posted' on what I find!

Here's a few for now-- Check out:

(There are all types of gee-gaws, mixed media supplies, and FUN! There's even a great giveaway contest to check out!)

Rebeca Trevino: http://rebecatrevino.blogspot.com
Obtanium Art
(amazing collage/found object art)

Samantha Kira Harding--a very talented, funky Art Journaler


peggy gatto said...

Yes, the perfect day, "jammie" day!!!
Love your doggies!
Thank you for coming by to see the book!

rebeca trevino said...

sounds like you had a terrific day, hanging out doing all the simple, no-pressure things one does after a hectic holiday season.
thank you for stopping by and for your very kind comments! you made MY day!

rebeca trevino said...

PS: thanks for the mention! that is sweet of you to do.

Rebeca (only one 'C')