Friday, December 9, 2011

"Friday, Friday..."!!


Have you heard the song, 'Friday, Friday, Friday is my Fa-vo-rite day?'

Friday, Friday, Friday is my Fa-vo-rite day!
Friday, Friday, Friday is my Fa-vo-rite day,
Monday is a Bummer,
Tuesday's only Fair,
Wednesday's just a weekday;
Thursday's almost there, to
Friday, Friday, Friday is my Fa-vo-rite day!

                                                                     (da, da, da, da-Boom!)

I didn't post photos yesterday, so I could save them all for today! 

(I do want to go back and put in a Madonna photo, and a football, for the Super Bowl, though!)

(this was a leftover card from a previous
 'Creative Explorations' class I took
at Stampin' Cat)

This week, I 'be' makin' ART!!

(and a lot of it, too!) 

I've gotten a lot of pages done for my Affirmation Journal--

(In review, this is the book I worked on over at the beach and took apart the spirals to put the Inka Gold/Copper and stamped the inside edge of all the pages, to cover the white space)

the irony is that we don't meet in December, so in January, when we all show up for class, I'll probably be working on another BOOK! and Jami, my teacher, will ask me to show the class what I did for the last month, and I'll hold up a plain white book, because I'm just starting a new one, and I will have completely forgotten the finished one at HOME!!


BA-ROTHER!  (I'm so silly, sometimes!) 

i'm thinking however, that the entire planet can use more 'silly' if you want to call it that, OR Comic Relief, which I am a self-declared PRO at!

Back to the book--

I'm finding what I like is that the square format, about 7",  feels good to me--not too overwhelming. If I feel like putting in one photo, that's okay, and it also seems large enough that I can collage a bit, too. 
(this image I cut directly from a
Somerset Magazine.  It's someone
else's art, but I loved the image, and will
only have it for my personal use)

the rest of the 'AJ' class is using old
books which they are altering by tearing
out pages, and covering up. 

I have worked in Old Books before--my first 'AJ' was an old music book; I spent about a year on that, and stressed over  doing something new, tearing the pages
OUT OF A BOOK~!!!~~,   
and because it was a teacher's edition of a grade-school music book, I tried to coordinate
all the images I put in, with the words and titles of the songs!

I am very proud of it because it was my first one.  I may even go back and add some stamping sometime. 

(I'll share photos on that someday.)

What else artwise have I done?
I also sorted out odds and ends of clippings yesterday, which I don't care for anymore, and what's the point of using them in Art, if I'm not passionate about them?!!

i'll just share some of the pages I've put together over the last several days while I wasn't blogging! Here we go---

Okay, these three photos go together--they make up one pocket page with a re-purposed bookmark  (originally too large-too white, but I LOVED the yarn and the saying),

and the pocket needed something else in it besides the bookmark, so--

I made a little card, which had two sides, so once I flipped it over, it had to be filled up, so
ON goes the dancer and a quote!

(can you see this hobby is sorta like Dominoes! 
one thing sure leads to another--!)

Now, these cute little ladies were in a magazine, and i used my Victorian-Edge
scissors to give it a vintage-looking cut edge,
and they're knitting like crazy, so I had a
cool quote, to use with it:

"Keep At It!  Keep At It!"

which came from a friend's grandma. 

I wrote that on a leftover tag I had, and used my new funky Numbers Tape purchased from Stampin' Cat Studios 

(it's in Salem, Oregon--Lisa Taylor has a TOTALLY Rockin' Store!!)

Next page (these next two face each other):

I loved this 'Beauty' clipping! I added the 'Light'  (cut out of a Rejuvenations Catalog, to shine a light on Beauty), and other elements. 

The page on the right is just a couple clipped photos, but helped convey the 'Bloom' message.

(Who doesn't need a reminder to let their Beauty Shine?  And we all need to keep Blooming!)

This world is a dark, harsh, mean, ugly place sometimes with a lot of unhappiness. We have Adam and Eve to blame for that, but one Positive thing is that we know there is something much better ahead! So-if we know the world is ugly, we don't have to feel bad leaving it behind--someday!

In the meantime,

while I'm here, I will do my best to encourage others, brighten the corner where I am, and seek out other positive images and people to help fill me up!

You do it too, and we can light it up together!

                                                 Friday's sermonette is over!!  haha!

Oh, sure you say!--she musta planned this:

Here come the ANGELS!! 

I did not plan the asides nor the layout of the blog, I just write what comes into my brain--

I'm so Hilarious and Random--
I swear these happenstances always happen to me! 

Whadda you do?  Gotta roll with it!

I completely forgot to tell you that I designed the Beauty/Bloom section as two pages, BUT they're really Four.  How's that?  Well, I used gaffer tape for to hook 2 pages together, so it flips over, opening up to the Angels.

it's way more fun to make these interactive...a challenge, creative, fun, ARTY, and that's why 'we' do it, right?

last page in this section:

This is a post from Brave Girls Club, which has the most amazing Affirmations EVER! 

(use the little toggle at the bottom of my page to connect with it for yourself)

anyway--found this little birdie in as part of a hand-crafted necklace, added a couple little do-hickeys  (hickees, hickys--THINGS!),  a phrase, and some glitter paint--ta DA!



Now, on to other things:

As I'm going along in paper-arts, one of the things I most love is all the different papers.  I really like to use those as background, cut to fit the page, make as a separate unit, then glue into the book.

The scraps from a 12x12 paper make great borders and pockets, and lots of the ones I buy have two sides...Twice the fun!

This next year, I plan to learn more about building backgrounds with paint, and other techniques;

I want to take Art Journaling classes to branch out in my skills as an Artist.

So, anything can happen!

thanks for coming on the journey with me...!

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