Sunday, January 1, 2012

Parisienne Farmgirl!

Well, Friends,

Who Knew the last post, 'Adventure Awaits,' would be so fortuitous?

One of my favorite blogs, 'Parisienne Farmgirl,' written by a charming, vivacious woman named, Angela, is now beginning an online Quarterly Magazine!!

Here is a link to her site, with the rundown there:

(tonight I'm doing this on my iPhone, so I'm not as savvy as on the computer...

But! You need to know this and spread the word!

Angela is about affordable French Style and imagination on a Farmgirl budget--which is perfect for our economy.

What woman can possibly resist French style, decor, romance, food?!

So here's a plug for Angela! Watch her video, check out her blog.

enchante' to be sure!

You'll want to subscribe too!

(one of my original quilt patterns--
'Honey, I'm Charmed'--
see the quilt pattern page to order)

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