Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Old Finishes...

Hi There!
How was New Year's? 

I'm so happy to be starting a new year.  I had challenges last year, and it's good to start fresh.  Last year was a great transforming year...

I began working four part-time jobs...now, I'm blessed to have a full-time job and a part-time job, both of which I love.

I began last year with no health insurance, and now, I'm blessed to have benefits!

I began last year wondering what I was going to do when I grew up...
during the year, I decided I would go back to my childhood when I wanted to be an artist; and simply BE AN ARTIST!

Of course, I am many other things as well...I'm a weighmaster, a receptionist/accounts payable, a quilter, a kit-maker, Mom, Friend, Newsletter Editor, church attender, kitty tender, comedienne, daughter, sister, 'Auntie Fruitcake', and a few other things...

but as I went along through the year, I knew every one of those roles that I take on, I try to take it on in My Style...My Artistic Style...so

as I look at it:

I'm an ARTIST!

(now...forget when 'I grow up'--because I'm NOT going to do that!)

Okay, so where does the 'Old Finishes' title of today's post, enter in?

I'm proud to say that I finished on New Year's Day, a quilt which I had promised a dear friend, last August! 

My friend Katie, is currently in Boston, working as a nanny.  She came home to Oregon for Christmas, and although I hoped to see her, I didn't expect to--big family, lots of friends, many events--she and I had lots to do.

In the last five months, this poor quilt top has been in a bag, in my truck, just waiting for attention, time, the perfect fabric for borders and quilt top, and the money to make it all come together.

When I heard Katie was coming for Christmas break, I was determined to get that quilt finished, and to her, so she'd have it for winter in Boston. 

(also, selfishly, I didn't want to pay postage for the shipping!  sorry!)

so, New Year's Eve, I was working at Greenbaum's, cutting fabric, helping customers, and on sale was some batik, and also some Kaffe Fasset fabric...I pondered, then made up my mind to get that quilt DONE the next day.

Went out to the truck, collected the quilt top, brought it in, 'auditioned' fabrics, and within 10 minutes, made my choices, and we were figuring out yardage!

I went home with a bag of goodies  (I had a gift card from Christmas so I got some treats for MOI as well!)  and--


Sunday, January 1,


(in 'quiltese' that is UnFinished Object)

Now, you can tell by the photos, that I had quite a bit of help at my sewing machine--sweet Maggie believes she is a person,

and thinks she can get her paws up to the needle to 'help' Mom.  Also, anything that moves--she's All About THAT!  hahaha!

(honestly, part of the time, I had to sequester her in the garage. 

The hardest part for me in making a quilt that size is spray-basting all the layers together, before quilting.  Pulling out all the wrinkles as the quilt wants to creep along the floor, is no fun.  Could I tape it down?  Probably, but when you work alone, it's almost impossible.  that seems to creep, too.  YUCK!)

Anyway, I'm delighted with myself when I say, I got it done, called her, she came over to get it, and was Thrilled! 

I was thrilled, too, because it looked 'like her'--and when you see something that 'looks like' someone, and you nail it...that's the best feeling in the world.

I love you Katie P!  Enjoy your blankie!

(one last parting shot of Maggie--she thought maybe the quilt was for HER!)

I'm looking out the window at Sunshine and fairly-clear skies...Hooray! 

Watch out, UFO's--I'll be comin' after YOU!!


Parisienne Farmgirl said...

"UFO" - can I steel that? That was funny!!!!
Thanks for all your support!
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Mary Lou Weidman said...

Carol, it was great fun reading your blog! I hope to see you somewhere and create again-you are one of the most creative people I know! I adore your kitty in the bathing suit quilt! SO fun. Did you finish the awesome quilt you started in my class? It was cool!