Monday, January 30, 2012

Artin' it Up in Silverton!

(from my Art Journal)

Hi There!

How's life been treating you?   I've had a lot of irons in the fire, the last week.

Got 4 days in at one job, and 2 1/2 days in at the part-time job, so that's pretty good (well-- responsible anyway!)

One of those days was Saturday; during which I helped at a quilt show booth at the Oregon Garden's 'Stitches in Bloom' show. 

This was year #5, I think, and it gets better every year.  To me, it's one of the first indicators (harbingers--LOVE that word!) SPRING is on the way!

That means flowers, of course, and the Oregon Garden is a perfect spot for that, but also quilt shows, and shop hops, and retreats with girl friends!

The 'Season' is Starting!

I took a few photos for you...a few didn't come out as well as I'd like, due to SUNSHINE!  the shafts of light cut across a couple of my favorite quilts, and using a cell phone to take the photos...just too hard.

I may include a couple tomorrow, anyway... so come on back!

(I'm rebellious that way!)

This was the first 'cutest' thing I noticed, just on my first trip around the show. 

These are adorable little coasters, made of wool circles, and about 8" across. 

I likened them to penny rug coasters, and just took the photo for inspiration.  Sweet and colorful!

Here, (designer, teacher, author) Nancy Lee Chong's
'Tree Frog' pattern was interpreted by a quilter using hand-dyed fabric for the tree frog...

I loved this! 


The color of the frog really SINGS!
He's a happy little guy.

(usually Nancy Lee Chong's patterns are interpreted 'Hawaiian-style,' as two-color quilts.)

loved the hand-dyed fabric.  that fuschia makes my mouth water...

(when I go to a show, I'm not a big stickler on technique; i wander around,   look at what I like, and just have fun!)

I saw wearable art by an Silverton artist, Kerry Kennerling, who has actually designed costumes for Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac!

Kerry's clothing from silks, satins, velvets was rich and fanciful, just like you'd imagine a gypsy spirit wearing.  I saw some velvet I was dying to posess, yet no money...and even if I did have it...the outfit wasn't completely me  (I don't think it would have fit!)

A floral velvet...amazing.

Here's a couple photos I DID take however.  We may be carrying a few of her clothing patterns at Greenbaum's--we'll see.

simply drool-worthy is all!

And here's what Kerry does with her little scraps!

It's a mini-quilt.  The base fabric was felt, and then layers of little velvets, silks, fiber scraps then shadow-quilted down with infintesimal stitching...beads added later for light and interest...

I call it 'Eye Candy'!

This would be a fantastic Journal Cover, wall-quilt, Art Piece or table runner...or gasp! evening bag, maybe? 

of course, the show-stopper was by the Headline Instructor for the week: Velda Newman! This 'Hollyhocks' quilt is truly stupendous. Spanning about 6' x 12', you can see it clear across any room, and it begs you to come closer for a look.

I'm encouraged that spring is on the way!

how about you?

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Dayna Collins said...

Thanks, Carole, for taking me to the quilt show via your blog!