Monday, January 9, 2012

New Beginnings

Hi Friend,

You know, it's been a week since I was here.  Hard to believe that I'm the same person 3 months ago, who was so excited to have started a blog, I was almost writing twice a DAY!!


If I'm correct, my last post was about Old Finishes...and I finished up a UFO--'UnFinished Object' in quilt-speak.

So--what's been happening?  I delayed posting because I thought I might not have coordinating photos.  I always forget to take them, or I say, "Oh, Who'd be interested in THAT?"

so, I don't take them! 

Connie Francis used to sing,'Who's Sorry Now?' 
I guess that would be MOI!

I can understand how much more personal it is to have photos, so I'll try to do better there...

Looking out the window today, I see the usual January here in Oregon...foggy and damp and cold --

And although that doesn't seem different, there ARE things afoot in my life.

I am on the road to gaining control of my financial life.  I say / write that out loud because I am committed to it, and I'm also proud of it.  My mother generously paid my tuition to a Dave Ramsay course at church, and because

it's the New Year, and

I've Lived Like This Forever,

I'm Tired Of Living Like This, and

I Want To Do Other Things With My Life


Yesterday was the first class.  I entered with Fear and Trepidation. 

(they must be new to the church, cuz I'm not sure I've ever seen them together!!)


Anyway, who likes talking about money?  It's like going to the dentist with no Novocaine!  We all want more, yet we don't talk about it...I'm sure each person in there was wondering what would happen, was scared, and yet we had the guts to go!  There were 40-50 people in the class, too! 

And think about this--in 91 days (which is the timeline Dave gives), the lives of the 40-50 people will be changed for the better!

And I will be one of them!

So what else is new?

For awhile, I have not liked my 'sewing room'--to tell you the truth, I don't even like that term.  I guess I've always called it that, wherever I've lived.  Other people have 'Studios,' my friends have 'Studios,' they even have magazines devoted to 'Studios'!

So, why don't I just up and call this room a 'Studio?'  It should get more respect, and, as my friend, Sylvia said, "Art Happens There.  It's a Studio!"

So-last Friday, I had all kinds of aspirations to finish UFOs and start Birthday  presents, and seriously had contemplated moving my sewing table from one side of the room to the other, so I'd be closer to the window.

(It's so dark and grey outside during the Oregon winters, that daylight is precious.  Natural light is also great for quilting.)

So--Friday night I vegged...yup!  (just Asparagused and Carroted OUT!)

then Saturday after I could no longer delay, I trudged up the dreaded stairs to the 'sewing room.'  Once I got there, I viewed the clutter and chaos, and vacillated from one moment to the next--

Quilt or Tear this Room Apart?

Quilt or Tear this Room Apart?

Quilt or Tear this Room Apart?

Quilt or Tear this Room Apart?

suddenly, I grabbed something, and THREW IT AWAY!


Now, I can say, I didn't 'go postal' the way I do when I sometimes clean--this was my fabric and books and notions, and art supplies, and lace and buttons, and Maggie the Cat and the vacuum, so I was a little careful--

but I decided I'd be happier surrounded by fabric than plastic cd cases, so I pulled the fabric out of boxes in the closet, and took cd's off the shelves for storage,  and now, one bookshelf is Batiks, all colorized, the other side is cottons of various prints, all colorized!

(yes--Batik IS cotton, but it's my favorite category,
so I just like it close to me--all together!) 

One thing that needs to happen is Paint.  Right now, the room is a Pink, called 'Hopeful,' which is the same as the Paris-Inspired guest bedroom.  At the time we built the house, 5 years ago, the builder, Tom (no relation to Bob), would NOT let me have a different color for the sewing room, so it became Pink, and much as it's the perfect color for the bedroom-I'm not feeling it for the sewing room.

At some point when I decide what my soul's
color 'is' or 'feels'--I will paint. 

And-- after this post, I will not have a
'sewing room' ever again.

I will have my STUDIO where ART HAPPENS!

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