Monday, January 23, 2012

A Little Affirmation is Good for the Soul!

(art from Brave Girls Club-Melody Ross)

Welcome, Overcast, Wintery, Foggy, Monday!

At least the Rain is non-existent today...Here we were in the throes of winter storm drama last week, rain, snow, fog, tropical (50-degree warmth), then thaw, which led to flooding all over the Willamette Valley!

A couple of little towns were hard hit, and totally evacuated...the little creeks and streams completely blown-out, which led to larger streams, then rivers being 'blown out' as well.

Here, in Salem, we reached flood stage, and a little past it, and sadly people were affected...the water has receded for the time being, but more rain forecast tonight.

I can say that I'm so SO thankful my house is on a hill, and I am thankful that our 'plant' here at work (sand and gravel company) was fortunately above the flooded area, but my heart hurts for the many who weren't so lucky.

there were many many volunteers, though who stepped-up and that is fantastic!

So--what do the Tough do, when the going gets Tough?


Today, I decided to get out my Affirmation Journal (one of them!), and do a little work on it.

Actually, I should call it my Pseudo-SMASH BOOK, because it's just a fancy gift book, with a floral cover, ribbon-tied, and has it's own pen to write with.

Years ago, it was a gift, and I began journaling in it during some really dark times.  Only did a couple of pages, and it ended up in the garage in a box--\

too pretty to throw away!

However, once I read the pages again, and found how dark the thoughts were, I debated about ripping them out, but I realized, I'm a SURVIVOR of that really dark time, and instead of ripping them out

I symbolically saved them, and covered them up with happier, more positive thoughts.

Just like in real life, I think the dark thoughts can be dealt with and covered over with healing, and God's love.  I believe that, and hard work got me to a more positive place in my life.

God Loves Me, and I've gotten to great classes with wonderful people, finding an Artistic Voice, which hasn't always been appreciated by others. 

(the Joy Suckers of this world tried to take it away!)

So--Today, I worked on my Pseudo Smash-Book as it has's like my own graffiti wall, full of random quotes, pictures with some meaning, but more humor, randomness, and just the weirdness that is me.  Here are a few pictures!

(truth from God and Pinterest)

Bye for now!

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Mary Lou Weidman said...

Carol, I have always thought you were a "true" artist and one reason is your beautiful heart. A "true" artist has to have something special in their heart-maybe it is passion and you have it. You are a beautiful soul. Keep up the good work and keep inspiring us.