Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bizzy Lizzy!

Hi There!

Right this second, I'm listening to the wind swirl about my little abode,

(well, what's a step UP from that?!)

Actually, it feels like a storm coming-- the wind is building up; wind chimes are playing a symphony, and I've felt
restless and achy today...

I remember the old jokes about "must
be my 'Rheumatiz' acting up"--


I finished up the Fences for Fido donation quilt from a couple weeks ago--posting a picture of it

Just For You!!

It's on display now at Greenbaum's Quilted Forest, Salem, Oregon, USA
for your viewing (later on--bidding!!)

I spent quite a bit of time, and 3 spools of thread; machine quilting it- very happy with the results!

I think the Silent Auction goes on during June, so this will hopefully get other quilters thinking about and quilting for a worthy cause=

getting pooches off chains in the wind and rain, and into safely fenced areas where they can run and jump and PLAY!!


(I just Love rhyming words)

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