Friday, March 16, 2012

Where Have I Been?!

Oh my Goodness!

Where does 3 weeks GO? 

I'm really embarassed that I haven't been here more, lately...lots of goings on in my life...

Let me think.

Full-Time Job

Part-Time Job

Wrote a newsletter for the Quilt Guild-12 pages!

(Tonye's expert Needle-Turn Applique)

Hosted the February speaker, Tonye Phillips, of Camp Sherman; and it was the mostest FUN!!

(my not-so-expert Needle Turn Applique!)

Took Tonye's class, learned Needle-Turn Applique

(I think the following weekend, I slept about 26 hours--not all in a row!)

Attended the Guild Board Meeting

Helped at a Potluck Piecing class at Greenbaum's (at least we're into the month of March!)

(Sally's Sample)

Took a 'Scrap Republic' (new quilting book) class at Greenbaum's taught by friend, Sally Blankenship--using up my scraps!

Afterward, worked with friends Donna, and Cari, and the three of us cleaned out the Exit/Lunch Room at the quilt shop!  That was three hours of clutter-filled horror and then, BLISS!


Finished my donation  'Dog Quilt'--(which I blogged about in my last post)

Photos will follow. 

Made an apron as a sample for the shop--reversible, from Japanese Linen--very cute owl Print!

FINISHED A UFO (unfinished object)--a huge duffel bag, which I started about two years ago. 


(thank goodness this computer saves, because I just hit a wrong button and thought I lost my memory!  as well as my shopping list of all the stuff I've been doing!)

Play with Kitty Maggie--how could you resist?!





No wonder I feel tired all the time!  I think I'm glad I took the time to write that out, because that weekend I slept so much--I really thought I should feel guilty--

but I didn't!

Then, I felt guilty that I didn't! 

i'm so goofy!

(here's something I just noticed a couple minutes ago...

quilty and guilty are ALMOST THE SAME WORD--

do you think there's anything to that?!

I wish I could link up some kinda MAN thing like that!




i'll have to think on this for awhile.

Here's something else which has taken space in my brain--

a quilt challenge.

It's called 'Quilts from the A & P'--and actually, the small-group that I'm a part of: Twisted Stitchers, is hosting it.

I've gotta get busy, and make something.  Here are the rules:

1-Food Related (A & P is/was a grocery chain)
2-Uses Applique ('A') and Piecing ('P')
3-No larger than 25" on a side

I think that's it.  Pretty simple--right?

oh, and it's due March 31!

well, in my Jelly-bird mind (that mean's kinda fuzzy right now!  NOT the brain-size!) seems simple, but I've built it up  (HEY!  quilt/guilt/BUILT!!)
to gargantuan proportions.

Fruit and Vegetable fabrics are whipping around in my thoughts, and I got nuthin', zippo, bupkis.

Sometime this weekend, I'll get out my foodie-looking fabrics, and take a look.  I had one idea: to  use a silhouette of Kitty Maggie against the scrappy-piece fabrics.

(We are what we eat, and she's liking to lick the ice cream, yogurt, and popcorn bowls when I'm done!

She also is the voice who says, 'Meow, Meow, Mom!  I'm Hungry!' and when that happens, and I've run out, it's off to the Grocery Store for MOI!)

This would be ME about now!

(say!  What about a coffee-theme?...)

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