Friday, April 13, 2012

Oh My Goodness!

Hello My Friend!

I have missed being here, but I've been so busy!

How does that happen? 

The Bursting Forth of Spring!

(there are green leaves budding on my Lilacs!!)

(we're not quite here, but soon!!!)

One Full-Time Job
(Everyone needs Sand and Gravel!)

(the glory that is Greenbaum's Quilted Forest!)

One Part-Time Job
(a 'Top-20 Quilt Shop' needing 215 Kits for their 'First Saturday' program!)

(here's the cool banner we made!

Being Part of a small Quilting Group
(we've met for 10 years; working on one another's quilts--my 'home girls!')

Writing a quilt guild newsletter
(a volunteer postion, --8 pages this month!)

Going to Church
(Good Friday, and Easter services were heart-inspiring!)

(early layout of
'Henrietta Habenero (one Hot Chick) and the Polka Pears!!'

Particpating in a quilt guild Challenge:

'Quilts from the A & P'--

Challenge Criteria:
  • food-related, (as the A & P was an old grocery store chain)
  • 24" or less on a side,
  • containing Applique & Piecing (there's the 'A' and 'P' again!)


Taking quilt classes
                                                        (gotta use up that STASH!!)

sleep is very good, when you have a life like mine...I had two naps on Easter weekend.  Some days after you get the studded tires removed, and grocery shop--

you're DONE for the day!

I have lots of fun things on the horizon!!

A weekend away with quilting friends to do WHAT?!!

Eat some clam chowder, I hope!!!!

and quilt!

Then, next week, I have a little spot waiting just for me in two, count 'em, TWO classes with the fun, amazing, singing, quilting author and artist:

Laura Wasilowski!!

This is a life goal, coming to Fruition!!!

Lots of amazingly great things in my Life!  I am SO thankful for All of them. 

(one of Laura's 'Village' quilts)

i'll take some photos of the weekend quilting madness-just for YOU!!

(during construction of my Challenge Quilt)

I wish I knew what she was singing...


'Love's Not All It's Cracked Up To Beeeee.....'

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