Friday, September 6, 2013

Thank You, God!

Today I was able to use my sewing skills to make quilt blocks for the 'First Saturday' Block-of-the-Month program at Greenbaum's.  The fun part is seeing the completed block before any of the 'club' participants! I also get to help plan the colors and fabrics which will be used in the blocks each month.

So- photos of the block? Nope! It's a secret for now! I can share a photo of my close compadré and 'secret-keeper, Maggie...

She tucked herself into my scrap-box to take a little nap while I was away helping finish kit-folding at the store.

It's gonna be a fun 'B.O.M' quilt for people to make, and today- I'm thankful to be ALIVE!

Much joy can come from simple things:
A warm kitty, and a well-pieced quilt block!

Bye for now!

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Brenda said...

You have an adorable helper! Knowing how you quilt, it will be beautiful!