Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What A Long Strange Trip It's Been...

Late at night
Need to Sleep
Miss my blog
Need to Write.

Chemo Brain
Makes me Forget 
Where I leave Things;
I Regret

Not knowing;
Don't Care
I forget
My Underwear!

Miles to go
And now, no job
Why am I here
I fear and Wob-

Ble in my heart-- the
Bills overwhelm and
Nothing I can do--
I cry overcome

And give this mess to You.

You came through in Cancer,
And were there during Chemo.
You took my burns in Radiation.
And you're restoring me inside.

I fall and I'm weak, and fear ill never be strong. This path up this mountain to health is so hard to climb. I know you go with me;

I know you've been there,
You've cried every tear with me-
You've named each new hair!

Thank you for hearing the pain in my soul.
It was really tough today, God...
But with You, I'm Made Whole!

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Michele Bilyeu said...

You are so, so, loved. Never ever forget that the challenges are the cracks that allow the light to come in. You are a spiritual being of light. A goddess, a warrior woman and the light will fill you over and over. We all go through so many horrific challenges and when they are over and done, we all learn that it was through the alchemical fire walk over the red hot coals, that we became so very strong in the process that somehow it was all worth the pain, the loss, and the hardships. We love you, Carol..even those of us, like myself, who are casual friends from quilt guild!!!!