Thursday, November 21, 2013

Blog-Lovin' Not So Much!

Hi There, Little World!

Been a long, L. O. N. G. time since I was here! I didn't love the 'chemo brain' excuse when I was having chemo this March-April-May, but hey! I the 'real world,' I'm gonna use it FOREVER!!

I'm so much stronger and better now!
I was able to make my first quilt for Greenbaum's as a sample, back in June-- including the quilting! That felt overwhelming, exciting, and exhausting-- all at the same time.

I discovered in July, after my treatments were complete, that my boss had replaced me at work. 

What utter discouragement.

At present, I am looking, anew; keeping quilting, and blogging new merchandise each week for the quilt shop. I LOVE MARKETING!! So much fun sharing enthusiasm for merchandise you believe in!

I have a couple new quilting/ quilty girlfriends who've stitched their way into my weekly schedule and my heart! I've tried out some new ideas and patterns, attempting to grow my skills and just savor the fun of crafting quilts.

I am so thankful for how far I've come... Nearly 1 year ago, I got my breast cancer diagnosis. My world turned upside down-- but not for long!

God was there! Family, Friends, and even Facebook was there (great support and encouragement!!), comfort food, outstanding medical teams, Odwalla Juices, Pop-Tarts! (Lol-only a couple!), and PRAYER ALL OVER THE PLACE!!

These are the things which save you. And a kitty.

And a sense of humor.

Laugh about losing a boob (one less politician in this world!)

Laugh about losing hair (don't have to worry about having 'Hat Hair'!)

Laugh about losing your memory to chemo ("what was your name AGAIN?"!  Or- "Someone else has to drive, make the brownies, take me for a manicure...!!! I just CAN't remember how to: get there, bake!, or Find the Salon!")

The best medicine is laughter, and Faith!

If you believe in God and His Promise of Heaven when we die, we have not a thing to worry about. Even if my cancer returns, I don't worry! I tackled it once; I can do it again! And-- if I'm not here in this world-- I go straight into the next!

(Blog-Lovin' the blog-reading site-- has me stumped in a 'Catch-22' mode with a forgotten password, today!) ... Deleted the app off my phone! Lol!)

If all else fails- LAUGH!

Dear Friend:

You've just seen the inside of my survival kit!

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