Friday, January 4, 2013

Roll On Down The Highway

Well, today's the day. I enter Salem Hospital in about 7 hours to get prepped for surgery.

Breast Cancer!

How CAN that BE?!

I feel pretty good. Tired sometimes, but a person could blame that on the holidays, shopping, quilting, working, etc.

Once a person knows they have cancer, every time you get a twinge: 'I must have leg cancer!' 'I must have a Brain Tumor!'
'Oh No! It must be in my elbow!'

My doctor said that's common when you're awaiting surgery.

When I get to the hospital, I'll be injected with some radioactive dye which shows if the cancer has traveled through my body.
Then, later on, I'll have blue dye put into my sentinel node to see what sort of action is happening there.

I may even appear a little grey/blue/ghoulish because of that.

If so- not to worry! I will have my daughter take photos!

The mastectomy takes about 2 hours, the insertion of 'spacers' for the reconstruction takes about 2 hours, and recovery takes about 2 hours. I am not expecting my 'suite' until about 6pm!

That's a long day!

I may be blessed to find out that I won't need chemo or radiation...that would be fantastic. I won't have an inkling until I wake up, and even then, it's only preliminary.

More definitive results will come in about a week, after the lymph node/s are tested.
At any rate the groundwork for starting this journey will slowly be laid.

I am officially a CONSTRUCTION ZONE!

(How hard not to drink water after midnight!)

As soon as you can't have SOMETHING in this life- that's ALL you can think about!
God made us wonderfully, but we're all a little 'whack,' too!

Okay, right now, winding down. Even though this is ginormous, I will be confident in God's mighty power, and pray for him to become apparent to others, and be glorified, as a result.

I have felt the love and prayers and blessings heaped upon me by friends, family, acquaintances. Total strangers are praying for me!! Even when I'm not able to pray, so many others are uniting for me!!! Isn't that SO COOL?

God, please bless the efforts and words of each person, that in my journey, others would be drawn to you. Yes, I ask you to heal me- I would prefer no suffering. But I am willing to be the One in Eight with breast cancer, if somehow it meant no one around me would get it.

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