Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Upson, Downs

Hi Friend,
Well, my surgery is scheduled for 11:30 am, January 4. 
I have been having a range of emotions: feeling normal, really tired--slept all Christmas Day!; teary, angry, disbelieving that there's cancer in my body, wondering how/what 'caused' it...

it goes on.

My plastic surgeon, Dann Leonard, said that before surgery it's common to imagine every twinge is cancer spreading thru my body.  And it's happened--every headache, mole, twinge, bloat, MUST mean it's spread...

try not to think that, Carole!

Anyway, we're past Christmas, and it was warm and wonderful.  i've gotten encouragement from wonderful strangers: a prayer shawl from a work-friend of Caitlin's (Rita, a two-time survivor), two ladies, Betty Ann, and Ramona (from my sister, Melinda's church); people unknown to me all over the state prayerfully lifting me up.

I'm so SO thankful.  It makes me cry thinking about their love for me, and faith that God will provide.

God, thank you for their loving hearts.

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jewels in the garden +: ) said...

Carole, I will pray for you. Julie