Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Story of Lilacs

What's Happenin' w/ ya?! 
Yesterday was my first day back at work after a couple of vacation days.  It was the most perfect day, weather-wise...about 80-degrees; sunshine and blue-sky.  Would've been perfect for June, even--but APRIL?!!
Caught a glance at my Lilacs yesterday morning, pulling out of the driveway, and they are purply little nibs, maybe a week from bursting into fragrant showers!!!
I can't wait!!
Once upon a time, in a neighborhood not so far away...(actually my EXACT
there was a young lady (i was a little younger then!), and she and her two loving parents were building her PURPLE dream house.   As the house was under construction, the father shared a memory of his own, from the Neighborhood-not-so-Far-Away; in which there was a local home which, in the spring, had an entire ROW of Lilac trees
(not mere bushes!!) 
and because of the quantity, size, and SHEER GLORY!  that the ENTIRE neighborhood for blocks around--had the wafting of Lilac fragrance upon the air--
how divine!
(how could a girl not crave that for herself, and crave duplicating it for the Man she Loves more than Anything--her DAD?!!)
I love my Lilacs!  I have a whole 'windrow' in front of my house, which act as a screen/fence from the world (or will, when it gets larger/thicker). Five of the lilacs came from my Grandma's house next door--we transplanted them using a backhoe, shovels, two-man/1-woman power, chains and binders, on a pouring-rain Saturday, about 5 years ago.
And, much to my angst--we DID leave two large lilac trees BEHIND!!
I wanted them ALL!  I begged Dad to help me get them.  and, (although I'm sure I'm his FAVORITE between two daughters!!  haha!)...he told me
geez, DAD!
Despite what Grandma had: double-white, a couple lavender, and two double-purple...
I did NOT have the really dark-purple Lilac.  SO--my dad and I went shopping and bought one.  It's wonderful, and took it's place proudly at the front of the line. 
DID I HAVE ENOUGH?  I'm sure I wanted more, More, MORE!!!
In spite of my father saying, "Carole, you have enough Lilacs! You don't need any more!"  of course...what DID my father know about that?!!
(my father is a brilliant, funny, wonderful perfect man...He knows everything in this world; however, I could NOT resist another LILAC!! )
a couple years ago, when my quilting friend, Sue, asked me if I might want some cool plants from her house to flesh our my collection--
and one was a LILAC---
i'll just say, the little kid in me came out--
I found a spot for it!!!!
I didn't say anything at all about it (which I hope is a pink one)
but one day, as my parents were dropping me off from some family event...
(and I'll save the topic of being a grown adult woman, with my own car/driver's license/somewhat responsible; and STILL riding in the 
back seat of my parents Explorer with the kiddie door-locks which
automatically LOCK at 3 MILES PER HOUR!!!
for another time) 
my dad looked over the steering wheel at the plants, and said, 'Carole,
is that another lilac bush?'
'Haha, Dad!  I hoped you wouldn't notice...A friend gave it to me, and in spite of you telling me I had enough--'
Then, although I secretly hoped for a little teeny bit of scolding, and, 'Oh, for CRYING OUT LOUD!!',
he just said,
"Well, good for you!"


Dayna Collins said...

Lilacs are one of my very favorite flowers. I loved seeing all of your photos of them.

SeeLifeMarvels said...

We don't have lilacs this far south. But, we (I) have gardenias, Confederate jasmine, magnolias, passion flower, and ta-da - lemon, lime, grapefruit, and orange blossoms. All in the backyard or around my bedroom windows. It smells heavenly. I love FL all of the time, but especially, in the spring.