Thursday, June 7, 2012

Look What's Happening!

I can't believe it!  What happened when my back was turned for just a MONTH?!!

I have 8 followers!  that's so cool! 

thank you for checking out my blog.  I've missed being here.  Writing is really one of my passions.  I love words.

I was writing in an art journal yesterday...well, actually, it's an artsy book-under construction, and as my hand cut around the cursive letters from a magazine, I suddenly remembered the joy, and excitement of being in 3rd Grade, and learning 'Cursive'!

That was one of the milestones of childhood.  another would be being chosen first for ANY team.  I was always somewhere in the middle.

another thing...does anyone HATE Dodgeball or Kickball as much as I do?

Anything remotely like waiting for the ball to come to you, and then all eyes on you to perform?  It TOTALLY FREAKS ME OUT!!

(image from
(This would be my deepest fear-next to missing the ball entirely)

(Once though, I did work through my Kickball phobia--I was counseling at a Christian summer church camp, and we couldn't use the gym one day for 'organized free time', so one of the guy counselors suggested Kickball. 

Several things about this:
1) I'd never been a counselor before;
2) Somehow I was entrusted with 5th grade girls;
3) I didn't know WHAT the rules were; so
4) I kinda made my own rules!

we DID follow the schedule, and lights out...but like in Vegas--what happens in Camp, STAYS IN CAMP!!

I'd like to think that 'my girls' thought I was a rock star, and so they invited me to play Kickball, and somehow, after (let's say) 30 years--I got more coordinated, so that when the ball DID come to me


I was a Kickball STAR!)

and now back to the blog...isn't it cool when life finally balances out?  and- we get a chance to see it?!

okay, well, anyway, something about cursive writing, and the curlicues, and lined paper, and discipline required, made it fun for me.  I felt like such a  grown-up.  As a child, I saw my mother's, grandmother's, other's handwriting, and it seemed like a secret code: what could all those squiggles mean?

(my father was a 'printer': he wrote a bit like an architect; and of course I wanted to be just like him!  however, the siren call of 'adulthood' was just around the corner--all by learning cursive!)

As time went along, I decided I wasn't so crazy about the shape of all the cursive letters, so I began to do what probably lots of people are doing...basically print, and connect my letters together in-between.

so-I have lots going on since I've written...

A class with Laura Wasilowski

This is one of my pieces from class.  I'm not really speedy at the handwork, but I love this!  If you have a chance to take a class from this lady--she is phenomenal: witty, clever, you sing and laugh in class...all so much fun.

Okay, so another thing, is that I was asked to write an eclub message for the quilt shop I work at: Greenbaum's Quilted Forest, here in Salem.  So--since I love words and writing, and quilting, and color...I took that on!  First thing:  it didn't have a name--so now--it's the 'Forest Flash'! Every week on Thursday right to your emailbox:  the latest, greatest, fabric, patterns, classes, events!

  go to
if you want to sign up!

I've done a class or two with
background painting for art journaling,

pruned my pride-and-joy lilacs,

made a quilt or two for the shop (here's one)

and canoodled around with glue sticks, and
papers, and magazine clippings, and
quotes, making little goofy books in
my spare (what?!!) time!

Here's one of my favorite finds:

bye for now!

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Jami said...

wow.... when you come back you come back with a vengeance!
cursive- I hated it.
cutting- I loved it.
dodgeball- hated it. like the movie tho.
kickball- wasn't as BAD as dodgeball- still hated it.
actually I was horrible at ALL sports. I'd rather draw ANY time- then AND now.

Creativity Journals coming up- every Sunday- hope to see you there once in awhile. : )
Have missed you at Affirmation Journals