Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Got A Re-Alignment!

Hi Friend!

So glad you stopped much is happening in my life--i'm excited to share a little bit...!

Almost two weeks ago, I was struck by the 'bug going around' that seems to be a laryngitis/sinusitis/parasitis!  that 'everyone else' seems to have.  Now, don't get the heebie-jeebies on me; because i'm on the downhill-getting better side!

(normally, in my case, 'it' goes right into sinusitis, and i'm laid-out in a coma of exhaustion...however, this time, on Day 2 and 3, I WAS achy and BLECH, BUT--something was different. )

Know when you get to that coughing incessantly stage?  (oh--THAT!)  Well, at night in my 'I'm coughing-my-head-off' times;

I ALSO had times of:

Great Creativity! 
Cleaning Frenzies!
Fascinating Colorful Dreams! 

and now you're thinking:

'WOW!  I want what SHE's having!'

i say two things:

1- Like the old 'Ronco' commercials:
"you can't buy this in ANY store!"

2- I think this adventure was a ticket admitting only ONE.

The evolution of this week has brought me closer to God--and in my case, that means 'leaning into him' --so much so, that yesterday, I realized with the limited amount of sleep I've gotten each night in the past week,

yet STILL being able to continue with all my work obligations--

I must have leaned SO hard into God (depended on Him so much),

that my feet were actually off the ground;

He carried me;


(in some oblique way, I knew what 'sustenance' was...yet when this concept hit me yesterday, I instantly gasped, then, 'WOW!' and 'THANK YOU, GOD'!)

each night (in my illness), I have been shown concepts / ideas / discoveries about myself and my relationship to God, and by becoming closer to Him, I have been able to let go of some past hurts, and in that; cleaning away mental, and spiritual 'sand' or dirt.

you know,

in the Bible; when it tells us not to condemn someone else for the sliver in their eye, while we have a PLANK in our own?! 

(hahahaha!  I SO love that--the mental picture has made me crack up since I was a child)

I am a positive person, and try to encourage others,

but somehow in my altered state of illness and lack of sleep,

the connection between mental dirt, and tangible dirt/dust was made!

so--the cleaning jags!  Each night:

Laundry was done! 

Junk Drawers cleaned out! 

Old magazines sorted and shared! 

A quilt I made without a 'home'--given away!

Plants watered!  Old nail polish removed!

I moved the couch and cleaned underneath!  This is like... 3:00 am one night!  Poor Maggie the cat!  She dashed and darted around- watching in disbelief--'What IS Mama DOING!?'

At first I thought i was just 'finding something to do'--later on, I connected the dust/dirt idea, and it became energizing:

As I clean away the 'flotsam' in my life, I am better able to shine my light for God= both as a reflection back TO Him,

AND; TO others= as a reflection OF Him!

in one instant two things happened: 

I yelled out loud--


and Then, I BURST out laughing--

(I have ALWAYS HATED TO DUST!  What's the point?!  Aren't the little motes just dancing and laughing at us in the sunbeams, as they waft around, and land not TWO INCHES FROM WHERE THEY WERE?!!)

If you are a believer, what does God call us to do?


the things we may not be good at, or avoid-- because we 'don't wanna'.

So--along with smiling, laughing, being positive and encouraging, and trying to help others (my favorite things); I am called to the drudgery of DUSTING  (my mom and daughter are laughing convulsively right now!!  yeah, yeah-- I love you both!)

which, to me, seems like the most pointless-annoying-stupid-irritating thing EVER!


I've been telling people my whole life that I believe God has a sense of humor

Guess WHAT?!!

I'm celebrating my front-row seat to His show!!

Have a fantastic day!

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Dayna Collins said...

You've been a busy lady! Glad you are feeling better.