Friday, August 24, 2012

Art-Is-Stick! That's ME!

Hey Friend!

It's only been less than a month that I was here!

I have managed my two jobs and much more.

The title is really: ARTISTIC!!  that's me...but I thought the other title:

ART-IS-STICK  really quite clever for a Friday afternoon...

anyway, in the last couple weeks, I've worked on FOUR quilts!  I'm in the middle of number 5.
('Soldier Quilt' for friend, Lonny, a Marine back from Afghanistan)

It's so cool!  I don't think I've avoided my Studio/Aerie/Garret/need-a-name as much.  I still don't like the color of the walls, but you gotta have money to buy paint, and know what color, and I don' there it is

What I'm most proud of, is the 'Soldier Quilt,' which I had an idea to make about 8 months ago.  A caring and patriotic young man joined the Marines, and was sent to Afghanistan.  8 months, and many prayers later, he's back safe and sound (praise God!), and home for a couple weeks vacation.

Friends Joanne and Suzie (above in photo) made blocks, and two weeks ago, I cut the blocks into quarters, traded them all around, sewed them back together and then, with sashing I made, put the quilt top together.  Joanne quilted and bound the quilt, and yesterday, we were able to present the quilt to Lonny.

I was a real moment.  Just for a moment, he was a child embracing his 'blankie'.  I believe this quilt will help heal the ravages of war. 

I'm so thankful to have blessed a soldier.

(detail shot of blocks and quilting)

Here's another quilt, a sample for Greenbaum'

this is a new line of fabric by MoMo for Moda, 'Oh Deer'--

I quilted scallops onto it, and this is all scrunched up after washing.  Very cute, and now hanging at the shop. (Greenbaum's Quilted Forest-Salem, OR)

I did make two more samples for the shop--but did I take photos?  nope!  so, I guess that'll be another post.

(ha!  and I'm always thinking I have nothing to say!)

Today, I read Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's (Art Journal Every Day) blog, guest bloggers Lori Wostl & Lorri Flint (who started the Art Camp for Women retreats in Colorado), referred to Sarah Whitmire's Soul Journaling site as an awesome free online site for beginning art journalers.  I went over there, and checked it out, and they were RIGHT!

I was inspired to finally, truly BEGIN!

Fortunately, I had in my truck, miscellaneous jounaling items, including a book I'd made about 2 years ago in a class, and had never made a mark in.
I'd recently put the book in my truck to MAKE SURE to use it...

(but I didn't want to 'wreck' it!) 

"CARPE DIEM!"  I say!

So, following Sarah's prompts for Day 1, I tore paper, and covered six or more pages with random paper, glue-sticking along, then let it dry. 

Next, using Sarah's prompts, I wrote on the pages, covering them with my thoughts.  Here are my photos:


Look!  The 'Process' has begun!
I'm WAY excited and thinking that if I complete Sarah's 22 days of
Soul Journal prompts, that art journaling won't be so
'scary' or intimidating to me, and I will finally be on my way.
for years now, I've been admiring Art Journals, and been intrigued by them.
White pages Would Intimidate me
What to Say?
Who would Care?
How to Keep Up?
Guess What?  I'll try this and see what happens!

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