Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Equal LOVE!

Hi Friend,

I love Valentine's Day!  I will live until the day I die (haha!)--for the promise of LOVE! 

Romance...don't you just love to even say the word?

I will always hope that Mr. Wonderful, or Captain America, or my Beach Boy, or Construction Man or Dream Boat!!  will magically appear-

(he doesn't even have to have roses!)

you know what they say:

"Before you reach the Handsome Prince, you have to kiss a lot of TOADS!"

(honestly, I MARRIED A COUPLE!)

oh well...i'm off my trolley a little bit...

I did finish the quilt I started for my kids and here's a photo of it...!

I'm really proud of it.  It's about half-quilted here...between the blocks and all the pinwheels.  Later on, I shadow-quilted the dogs, then free-motion quilted shadow-squares in the blue part of the square in a square blocks.

I also stippled the outside border, and put a viney stitch into the binding.

The kids loved it.  I'm waiting to see photos of where it ends up in their home.

Yesterday, I had a whim to make Valentines for my Twisted Stitcher small quilt group.  I had ordered a 'Vintage Valentine' collage sheet from 'Gecko Galz' in Texas.

It arrived last week, and until yesterday, I had no immediate time or project to use them on.  However, the idea STRUCK yesterday afternoon!! 

I'll make Valentines for my quilt group...


I printed it out, took it to the Quilt Shop and make colored copies on Printed Treasures, then went home and gathered my red, and purples and pink scraps and began making little intuitive mini-quilts 9" square. 

I needed to make eight.

Why do I think of stuff at the last minute?

Then, I stitched down scraps of antique lace which have been 'sitting around' waiting for a great purpose...

My brain woke me up at 3am this morning, telling me I should 'get to work'...

I waited until 4, then got up and began cutting the little Valentine sheets apart, and fusing them onto the Valentine quilts.

Then, I fused an ivory piece of fabric onto fusible web, used Archival Ink to stamp words of love and affection.  They're fused on now, and I'll stitch them on and finally add a back.

Leaving the edges raw, saves a lot of time.  This was an experiment in 'Intuitive Quilting'--or basically flying by the seat of my pants! 

Hope they like them! 

I'll let you know.......

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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